YouTube has become one of the most popular video streaming apps for all users today. Users have always preferred to watch videos to learn or grab knowledge on anything. YouTube also gives an option to upload videos if users want to share any information. 

This article is all about the pros and cons of the YouTube App. This app has a plethora of videos that roll out valuable information. Get on reading about one of the best video streaming apps in the world.


  1. Networking without border: One of the significant noteworthy vantages of YouTube is that it enables everyone to interact no matter which country the person is. It is broadening the society as the video uploaded in one country can be visible in another country. 
  2. Instant news and information: YouTube communication can be one way, but it instantly provides all the latest news and information; we don’t have to go for the different websites on news channels; we can open YouTube and get the latest update of the world
  3. It has become a great marketing channel for business: YouTube marketing is the term described for the marketing techniques by the social media sites. There are currently over 4 billion media users globally ready to discover your information about your business or your services. Thus with the help of this, we can expand the business.
  4. Exchange of ideas and collaborations: networking like YouTube have collaboration features as well. You get the graphical job ideas of what people demand and what kind of new things you can bring up your life.
  5. Most importantly, education: it has become effortless to educate experts and professionals with the help of YouTube. You can subscribe to anyone’s channel to learn from them and enhance your knowledge about any particular field; regardless of your location and educational background, you can get an education without even paying for it. Especially after Covid, many institutions are taking the help of YouTube to educate their students. 
  6. Direct connection with the audience: buy YouTube likes allows you to make a direct connection with the audience. You can get to know who is interested in your content, so it always feels good to know how other people give their views about your content because they subscribe to your channel. They can directly give their views in the comment section or the live streams. Have a direct connection with your audience is the best way to improve your skills and improve your content.

The following are the demerits of YouTube-

  1. Addiction: The compulsive behavior of children and even teenagers nowadays is developed due to the overuse of social media like YouTube, which leads to adverse effects. The compulsion to use YouTube can make one addict to it and thus can lead to mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, and loneliness. 
  2. Frauds and scams: there is yet another challenge for social media companies. There are billions of fake Anil over YouTube, which are befooling society by misleading the information; fake news and misleading information can go viral in no time on YouTube, creating confusion and chaos.
  3. You can receive negative feedback: People used YouTube to post the content till now, but everyone cannot like the content, and each video on YouTube gets negative comments as well, which opens the opportunity for them to share their bad or poor experiences due to their hatred. Having very much negative feedback can negatively impact your future and lead to the discouragement of making content.
  4. Patience is the key: you have to wait to see the results when you just started your YouTube channel; you won’t get that love from your audience. You have to wait to see the result with social media marketing, and you cannot see the immediate result happening. It leads to success over time and seeing how much hard work you are putting into your work.

All in all, one must always keep in mind that you can’t see the immediate result until and unless you have completed a reasonable period and must be patient and not get dissatisfied or discouraged by the negative comments and should be ready for both negative and good impacts the buy YouTube likes. If you are not doing good with your YouTube, or you are not consistent in uploading your videos you and you will not be able to run your channel efficiently. You won’t be as effective as the other content creator who is very consistent in their work; that person would be more successful in running a successful YouTube channel.

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