Your Ultimate Guide to the Medical School Application Process

Becoming a doctor is one of the most popular career paths in the world and is pursued earnestly by students. This profession holds immense value, is globally respected and has enormous job satisfaction rates. It also includes a great salary! 

According to Medvocation, out of 73% of doctors in the world, 3 out of 4 recognized their interest in this career at an early age. For students who are keen to pursue this path, it is important that they finalize their decision a medical school and send in their medical school application as early as they can. 

It is important to send medical school applications early because it increases the chances of getting accepted. Students who are proactive with their application demonstrate their sincere commitment to the school. Additionally, it gives the admissions committee more time to review your application. This means you have a higher chance of being offered an interview and gaining admission to the medical college. 

Here is a short guide for students who are ready to enter the field of medicine and are yet to send in their application. 

Take the MCAT exam as soon as you can

Irrespective of where you want to apply, it is important that you take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). The score of this test is among almost every medical school’s prerequisites and determines whether you are eligible for admission. Also, it takes nearly a month for students to receive their MCAT score so it’s important that you take this test as early as possible. 

Start searching for a medical school 

Once you are done with the MCAT, you’ll need to start searching for a medical school. Compare each of them on the basis of their program, recognition and other essential factors like clinical rotations, residency and more. 

There are several reputed medical schools that you can consider and while the U.S. has been a preferred destination for medical studies, they don’t have the easiest admissions process mostly due to the strict admission criteria. 

Students can also check out Caribbean medical schools that are recognized and offer accredited degrees. These med schools offer high-quality education which is equal to programs offered in the United States. 

Figuring out your preferred medical school is important as the sooner you make that decision, the faster you can go through their admission requirements and send in your application. 

Get a letter of recommendation 

Once you have decided on a medical school, it’s time to gather your letters of recommendation. Get in touch with potential references and start preparing for your application. A letter of recommendation demonstrates your abilities such as academic expertise, teamwork and more. 

Submit the application 

Once you have got all the necessary documents ready, your next step will be putting together an application that truly represents your caliber and makes a good impression. You need to spend a fair amount of time on this application and ensure that the final result highlights your skills, experience and earnest desire to become a doctor.

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