Yoga Teacher Training: Things You Should Know

Yoga Teacher Training

Beginning a yoga journey could be a daunting and exciting task. You might miss plenty of things when you join a yoga teacher training course. Therefore, it is always wise to prepare yourself before enrolling in a yoga course. Yoga courses are indeed a perfect stop to enhance your yoga knowledge. However, joining the wrong course could disrupt your journey.

Points to Remember Before Joining a Yoga Course

Keeping that in mind, here are some things that you should be aware of before starting your yoga journey. Make sure you read till the very end to have a solid foundation for your journey. Check them out.

Time Frame of Practice

One of the most asked questions by potential practitioners is how much prior practice do they need. It is a deciding factor when you seek to join either 200 or 500 hour yoga teacher training in India. Because depending on the time frame of yoga practice, you can decide which course to join.

You should know that you don’t need years of experience practicing yoga. Rather, you should join a yoga course with an open heart and mind. Ideally, having a regular exercise routine is more than enough to get started with yoga practice.

An exercise routine will help you practice numerous yoga poses. Yoga masters recommend that you should practice for at least three months before joining a yoga teacher training course.

Right Age

Anyone can practice yoga regardless of age, gender, or nationality. Everyone gets exposed to yoga practice at a different age. Therefore, it does not really matter when you start practicing yoga. However, some yoga courses require some level of emotional maturity. Therefore, except for a few yoga courses, you can join any yoga teacher training course.

In India, children as young as 5 years have mastered various yoga asanas. However, that does not suffice that they can practice an advanced level yoga technique. Yoga practice is about guiding your life in the right direction. That has nothing to do with age or sexuality.

Furthermore, everyone wants a yoga teacher with whom they can relate. It gives them a sense of connection and a reality check. That is why there is no right age to join a yoga teacher training course.

Intention Behind Practice

Sometimes people join a yoga teacher training course without having a second thought. That might not be an issue if you don’t have any plans. However, in case you want to have a bright future in yoga, you should plan every step.

With that said, you should join a yoga teacher training course until you are sure about a yoga course. Moreover, you should also decide which yoga form you want to master so that you can graduate in that particular yoga course.

So, setting an intention is crucial if you are looking forward to becoming a certified yoga teacher. It allows you to be always on track rather than losing your focus.

Change of Plans

The human mind is always hopping from one thought to the other. It leads to getting attracted to something new now and then. In that case, you might completely ignore the goal you have made for yourself. That is natural and you should not let it bother your mind.

It also means that you can completely drift off your goal if you want to pursue something else. That is completely normal. Not every yoga practitioner joins a yoga course to become a certified yoga teacher. Moreover, you might not even feel to teach yoga right after the completion of your course. It all depends on your personal choice.

Physical Conditions

Another important point that should know before joining a yoga course is whether your physical condition is a barrier or not. Being pregnant, injured, or not feeling up to the mark are a few conditions. This has many other factors playing their respective parts.

Whether there are any complications or not, is there any pain or not, and much more. Depending on all such situations or factors, you should make up your mind.

Wrap Up

Whether you join a yoga course or head on to yoga holidays, all such factors always play their part. Hence, make sure you go through them first to have the best yoga experience.

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