Yoga Beginner’s Guide to Savasana

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Yoga has been around for more than 5000 years. This ancient art has countless techniques and exercises to help you enjoy good mental and physical health.

Whether you suffer from a headache, migraine, or digestive issues there is a yoga pose to handle each of these.

Now, one of the asana that stands out from the others is Savasana, also known as the Corpse pose.

Want to know what makes it so different from all the other yoga poses? The information below will help you know.

Savasana – The Corpse Pose

Savasana is the final resting yoga pose which you do at the end of every yoga session. Unfortunately, there are some who skip out on this part of yoga practice and that is not a wise decision.

Although, simply lying down on the yoga mat for 10 to 15 minutes might not seem that big of a task, it is downright challenging for a beginner. You can shop the best cork yoga mat online that contains zero mold and mildew.  You can enroll in the certified 200 RYT to learn and practice this yoga asana under the guidance of skilled yoga instructors.

Do you know the interesting story behind this powerful yoga asana? Yoga experts have it.

The Story Behind Savasana

Savasana is a vital part of every yoga practice as it helps you embody the idea of non-duality of emptiness and provide a world of possibilities at the same time.

The other name for Savasana is Corpse Pose. In the West, corpses are viewed as reminders of death and decay. However, in the East, especially in India, death has a different meaning and importance.

Many cultures and religions in the East view life as being cyclic which means it is not a linear journey with a beginning, middle, and the end. Death is viewed as a part of destruction and renewal of the individual being.

When you lie down as a corpse in this yoga pose, you represent Sava or Shiva’s corpse. Shiva is a part of the Hindu trinity of creation, sustenance, and destruction. Shiva is the personification of Pure Consciousness which is something the Savasana helps you realize.

This yoga asana helps you get comfortable with the idea of impermanence of existence and accept it with grace. Enroll in a certified 200 hour yoga teacher training to learn everything about this deep yoga exercise.

Savasana is Just About Lying Down Motionless. What is the Use of Doing This?

As stated above, the very idea of being still and doing nothing causes many of us to experience anxiety. It is what makes practicing the Corpse pose so challenging.

When you are in Savasana position, for the external world you become still and silent, just like a corpse. However, internal is where the actual practice starts. By simply lying down motionless, you focus on the present moment.

This powerful yoga asana helps focus your mind and body. You might feel a bit drowsy when trying to enter into the Savasana, keep in mind that sleeping is not the aim here.

Savasana offers you the rarest opportunity to be completely free and at ease in the present moment. You learn to let go of everything that happened in the past and not worry about what you need to do afterwards. Savasana requires just a simple thing – to be present with yourself.

Needless to say, such a deep yoga exercise comes with some impressive benefits.

3 Major Benefits of Savasana

Being one of the most beneficial yoga asanas, Savasana comes with some major benefits like:

Helps Enter a Meditative State

Your body and mind relax during this yoga asana. On a deeper level, it starts the process of cell and tissue repair, not to forget it helps you relieve stress. Join the 200 RYT to learn how the Corpse pose helps you enjoy good physical health.

Minimizes Blood Pressure

Yes! The aspect of relaxing your body and mind has a positive impact on other system’s in your body. It helps control blood pressure levels and relaxes the heart. In the long run, this keeps you away from hypertension as well as anxiety.

Increases Energy Levels

When you lie down in this yoga pose, it relaxes your body and get rid of unnecessary thinking. The small break you give to the body has a massive impact on the overall energy levels. This helps improve your productivity in the long run. Enroll in a certified 200 hour yoga teacher training to learn all about this benefit of the Corpse pose.


The Corpse pose gives you the chance to experience what yoga is about – the unity of mind, body, and spirit. You should enroll in a certified 200 RYT to learn everything about this challenging yet one of the deepest yoga asanas.

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