Win FIFA World Cup With More FUT 23 Coins – Act Fast!

What is the most exciting thing in FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ currently? Must be World Cup! World Cup Mode is already released on November 9th 2022, meanwhile the real World Cup will start soon as well. If you are a big fan of this festival, I do believe that FIFA 23 give you a wonderful game experience this time!

FIFA 23 World Cup

Thus, this guide will give you some tips you better know in FIFA 23 World Cup. First of all, this time there is no DLC about World Cup in FIFA 23 like before. Instead EA add World Cup game mode inside, you can play this mode as long as you finish updating. I know this time people may have lots of complains, but it could be a good thing if you consider that people can enjoy World Cup content more convenient than FIFA 19.

Another thing about FIFA 23 World Cup is about the prediction, which is also an interesting part. According to the simulating result, it is high possible that Argentina will win the World Cup. Personally, I didn’t mean to do but it really makes me laugh out when I first time read this, more interesting thing is FIFA 23 also indicated Messi is predicted to win the Golden Ball as well. Anyway, just wait and see, I hope Argentina can go to final, at least to make this prediction has possibility to happen literally.

Then the most important part of the World Cup mode must be the Player Card, good thing is you can keep your World Cup Player Card even when the World Cup is over, which is totally different from the previous World Cup DLC. That means from now on you can start reserving FUT Coins for your dream World Cup team, buy your favourite star cards, win every title in the game, and you can still keep your epic team in the future version!

So the question is, where can we get more FIFA in-game currency? Instead of earing in the game, famous FIFA Coins store could be your best choice.

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