Why You Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Followers

Everyone wants to have more followers on their social media, and Instagram is no exception. However, several people in search of numbers choose to buy followers, which seems to be a good idea: a cheap, simple solution with seemingly immediate results. One payment and that’s it, your personal or company account receives hundreds or thousands of followers.

Only the cheap can be expensive, and we have listed here reasons not to fall into this trap.

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What makes someone buy followers on Instagram?

Basically, users and companies that prefer to pay to get users to want immediate results because they believe that an inflated number of followers is the same as a First-Line account, capable of attracting business partners and Instagram itself, which would promote the account and suggest it for more people. It is a way of trying to circumvent the system, which is based on organic engagement.

In the past, Facebook itself has already had many problems with “I like farms” that are sold tanned for pages and users, something that has always been fought by the social network, which also owns Instagram. However, according to complaints, the platform also benefited from the scheme

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Who buys followers on Instagram follows the same principle:

The desire to artificially inflate your profile statistics in order to make you more relevant and attractive to the platform and advertisers. Only resorting to such a play hardly achieved the desired results, in addition to offering a number of risks to the user.

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So buying followers on Instagram is not worth it?

I don’t know, and for a number of reasons, but the main one is that acquired followers are useless. This is because Instagram doesn’t just rely on this number to determine whether or not a profile is pumping; The most relevant factor for the social network is engagement, the ability that certain account has to move their followers around their posts

For example:.

Let’s say company X, which bought 5,000 followers, places a post on stories on a great day and time, expecting something in return from the public. Only the position causes a very low impact, it hardly appears during the 24 hours in which it is available.

and why this? The reason is simple, the follower’s purchase made does not interact. They do not make any comments, they do not enjoy the photos, they do not post messages, they do not click on sponsored links and, consequently, they do not buy products endorsed by the user or company. They do not go from fake profiles, often bots that only serve to follow a large number of paying users and nothing more.

By analyzing the ROI (Return on Investment, or Return on Investment) of these posts, the user will soon realize that all the money spent on followers is for nothing, because that big shiny number is empty, since the profile cannot be moved to your audience, which does not exist.

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Buying followers can even have the opposite effect: legitimate users will soon realize that something very bad is happening to such a profile, and they won’t stop after it. With this, engagement will decrease or instead increase, and soon the account will only have ghost followers doing nothing but volume.

Buying followers affects the safety and your image

Another reason not to buy followers on Instagram is security concerns: As a good part of these profiles used to inflate the numbers are the robots, since they are connected to an account that can buy the list of legitimate contacts and followers, opening space to send spam and viruses, which can lead to account data theft.

On top of these issues, buying followers kills all of your account metrics. Because it is based on a series of misleading profiles that follow you, it is impossible to devise an effective strategy to engage them, since they do not interact anyway. If you have a business account, having 1000 followers on Instagram means nothing if you can’t convert 1% of this number into sales

with real followers is different:

The administrator of the profile knows who he is talking to, he knows the profile of the followers, when they access the account, which photos they liked, which stories they watched, what they clicked on sponsored links, and if they are invested in sales. With high organic engagement, a profile has a much better chance of gaining prominence on Instagram, even if it has less than a thousand followers.

and how the Instagram algorithm is always being improved, and giving preference to organic participation, those who choose to buy followers will lose relevance to the social network and will not be able to increase the reach of their profile, different from the intended one. In the end, your content will be considered interesting and your chances of reaching legitimate users will be limited.

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