Why You Should Get Clear Aligners

Misaligned and crooked teeth are prone to cavities as they collect food particles and act as a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Although you might align your teeth with traditional braces, you can opt for clear aligners Carmichael, which cuts down the treatment time. The clear aligners are invisible as they are colorless porcelain that covers the teeth, simultaneously moving each tooth in the cavity. Therefore, they are ideal for teenagers and adults who want to align their teeth without attracting attention. These are reasons to opt for clear aligners over traditional braces.

Less Discomfort and Pain

The clear aligners are comfortable and do not cause pain compared to traditional braces. You may not need to adjust the clear aligners like the braces, which require constant alignment. The aligning might be painful as it pushes the teeth into an ideal alignment. On the other hand, the clear aligners are porcelain clay trays worn over the teeth and move simultaneously in the arch.

They Don’t Restrict Your Diet

The clear aligners don’t restrict your diet as you remove them during meals. The porcelain trays are prone to chipping, and your dentist will ask you to remove them when eating to avoid damaging them. Thus, removing the braces promotes a better diet as you chew the hard food with your teeth. On the other hand, traditional braces restrict your diet in the first days as they cause pain making it impossible to chew hard food. After that, you may need to avoid damaging the traditional braces during meal times.

They Cut Down the Treatment Duration

The clear aligners cut the treatment duration as they move each tooth on the arch simultaneously, unlike the traditional braces, which move one tooth at a time. Thus it will straighten the teeth within six months, contrary to the traditional braces, which align the teeth within a year. The dentist will recommend the first set of clear aligners cups that align the teeth and subsequent cups that improve the treatment.

Maintains Dental Hygiene

The aligners maintain dental hygiene as they are easy to clean, and you would remove them when brushing and flossing your teeth. You should brush the aligners with a soapy solution and let them air dry to kill bacteria. Then store them effectively in the holding case when eating to avoid contamination from the surfaces such as the tables.

They Are Invisible

The clear aligners are invisible, making them ideal for adults who want to align their teeth without attracting attention at work or school. Invisible aligners allow you to achieve a bright smile without worrying about your appearance during treatment.

Misaligned and crooked teeth collect bacteria which cause odors, cavities, and gum disease. Thus you should opt for clear aligners to deal with the misalignment. The clear aligners are invisible, making them ideal for teenagers and adults who wish to align their teeth without attracting attention, as the traditional braces are conspicuous. They maintain oral hygiene as they are easy to clean, and you would soak them in soapy water and gently brush them. Additionally, you would brush and floss your teeth easily with the clear aligners promoting better oral health. Finally, they are painless and comfortable and cut down the treatment time by half.

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