Why You Should Consider Using An Egg Donor

While having children is a fantastic miracle, not everyone can enjoy parenthood. Individuals suffering from fertility issues, single parents, and the LGBTQIA community usually find it changing, seeking a better solution to help them hold children of their own. Fortunately, Newport Beach donor egg services allow you to have children regardless of the issues surrounding you.

However, this procedure is safe and effective as the egg donor thoroughly gets thorough screenings and tests before egg donation. The tests help determine whether the potential egg donor is physically and mentally healthy. Like any other procedure, egg donation has pros and cons, but its advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Here are the top reasons why you should consider egg donation.

1.     It helps circumvent possible genetic issues

Typically, certain chronic health conditions run in families, and some parents are afraid to pass them on to their children. Furthermore, these genetic conditions can lead to miscarriages, congenital disabilities, failed IVF cycles, sickle cell, or down syndrome. If your family has a history of certain genetic illnesses like cancer, diabetes, or heart disease, it’s better to consider egg donation to break the chain of these conditions. Since your provider will perform preimplantation genetic tests, using an egg donor can help you evade these lifelong issues.

2.     It has a higher success rate

Women suffering from infertility issues or those above 40 years have a low probability of successfully conceiving. Additionally, if you’ve suffered multiple miscarriages, your chances of having a successful pregnancy are minimal. However, egg donation with IVF intensifies your success rate of having a child. These procedures significantly improve your probability of achieving your parenthood goals even when you’re 45. Furthermore, because of advanced egg preservation techniques, the success rate of both fresh and frozen eggs is high.

3.     A better solution for ovarian failures

Not all infertility issues are natural since some are caused by a condition known as primary ovarian insufficiency. This is the condition whereby your ovaries stop functioning before the set time, thus affecting your chances of getting pregnant. During this time, your ovaries cannot release eggs or produce sufficient estrogen. However, egg donation allows you to receive a healthy, mature egg for the IVF procedure.

4.     It allows sex selection and genetic testing

Using donor eggs allows you to select your preferred gender and use genetic testing to screen for potential chromosomal abnormalities. Although most people want their baby to undergo a healthy conception and be born healthy, sex preference is also crucial. Depending on your family goals, donor eggs allow you and your partner to choose your preferred gender.

5.     Acts as your last line of defense

Generally, most women who seek donor eggs have already sought other options to assist them in becoming parents. This is usually heartbreaking as other procedures can worsen their situation rather than offer relief. However, since the success rate of donor eggs is high, most individuals who seek these services enjoy having a healthy child with no complications.

Regardless of what keeps your parenthood ambitions at bay, the journey doesn’t end here. Even though infertility can damper your future, there is still a significant chance of having your child. Furthermore, egg donations with IVF procedures are your ultimate solution, even if you’ve tried other approaches without any positive results. Don’t hesitate to seek help since you, too, can achieve your parenthood goal.

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