Why You Need to Invest in Safety Rails

Why You Need to Invest in Safety Rails

Safety rails are designed to help you move around spaces, mainly bathrooms, without slipping. There are different safety rails you can install in your bathroom alone, such as toilet, bath and shower rails and bed safety rails

Importantly, safety rails are essential for elderly people as they face difficulties such as high blood pressure, knee pain and mobility issues when moving around high hazard areas like the bathroom. 

Safety rails become important to elderly people, as they have to navigate around wet surfaces when entering and exiting a bath or shower. It can also be difficult for the elderly to sit up from the commode and walk up ramps or steep inclines. If you’re thinking about whether to undertake the cosmetic changes needed to make your home more friendly to those who need handrails, here is why we think it’s an invaluable investment. 

Increased Mobility

Many homeowners are now installing safety rails in bathrooms because the elderly feel at ease walking with safety rail support in the bathroom. That being said, safety rails aren’t just useful for bathrooms, they can also be installed indoors and outdoors. 

Safety rails can help make it easier to get up from awkward positions and can make them feel more confident when moving around the home. The safety rails can dispense the need for a person to give the elderly support to go to the bathroom or kitchen, they can have increased independence via safety rail usage. 

Injury Reduction

Overall safety is one of the most important benefits of having safety rails around your home. They provide protection when you are moving around and reduce the risk of injury by supporting physically arduous tasks such as taking a shower or going to the bathroom.

Slips in the bathroom are one of the most common falls experienced by the elderly, and this can be prevented with the addition of safety rails in the home. 

Peace of Mind

If you or your loved ones are elderly, the peace of mind from having safety rails allows for not just increased independence, but increased assurance that you or your loved ones are at less risk with safety rails installed in the home. 

Reliable safety rails allow great peace of mind for the family and loved ones of the elderly, as they will know that the stability and likelihood of injury are reduced significantly. 

If you own a business where people are using your premises, such as a hotel or restaurant, it is important to offer support rails in both your bathrooms, stairways, and ramps for both elderly and disabled patrons. 

Take Pressure Off Joints

Safety rails are also unique as they have the ability to take pressure off weak or sore joints, such as knees or ankles when standing up or sitting down. This is achieved by applying all the weight onto the rails, taking weight off joints as bodies are raised or lowered. This will also provide the elderly with increased stability when they are standing. 

The Verdict

If you like the idea of installing safety rails, it’s important to know that they can be installed at any angle, whether it be vertical, horizontal or diagonal in position. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the installation of safety rails is very important. If installed incorrectly, safety rails can become hazardous and even damage your property. If in doubt, a company specialist or professional tradesman is the right choice to install the safety rail correctly. 

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