Why Using Google Shopping Ads Is a Wise Idea for Your eCommerce Business in Thailand

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If you run an eCommerce (online shopping) business in Thailand, or perhaps you like the idea of setting one up there, then you probably have a rough idea of how rapidly the world of e-commerce is for local business in Thailand, it’s becoming massive! If you are just at the research stage then you’ll need as many ‘little gems’ as possible to help you get ahead of the game,

if you are already in operation and, your business is not thriving, you’ll probably also be in need of a few nuggets to take away and chew over too! As you probably know already, social media is a big deal in the East, probably more so than in western countries, especially with the younger generations they are quite simply, mad for it;

The perfect audience 

With an ever-increasing audience, within South East Asia, you’ll actually have the biggest audience than any other continent, and, the most susceptible. Some of these youngers are quite literally glued to their devices, it’s probably one of the most unnatural things for people to be doing but, they do it almost nonstop, to the point that you have to be twice as aware when walking around so that you can avoid the insane amount of people, not looking where they are walking. 

If you are of an age whereby you can remember the introduction of home computers and the Internet, then you’ll appreciate the awesomeness of being able to advertise so freely to so many people, across a wide variety of demographics that much more. If not, then you’re probably a dab hand with online tools, although, you could be even better, if you use something like Google shopping ads;

Getting in front of the right people

So that you get the most out of your ads, you should use a Google Shopping Specialist, you’ll also need to become well equated with the power of the Google Manufacturer Centre and, The Google Merchant Centre. As with most things that present real value, there is a cost, or at least, a pricing tier table so, you can choose which level of service you want but, you will have to know what’s what, and what you want. 

Sitting down with an expert to chew it over would be a smart move, that way, at least you will be getting the best value for your money in terms of business/money generated on the back of the ads you post. 

The leading digital marketing agencies in Bangkok have been helping businesses from all corners of the globe maximize their online exposure for over 10 years so, if you don’t reside, or come to Thailand very often then it doesn’t really matter too much, another marvel when it comes to the powers of the Internet, you can, if you want, work with, and manage your relationship with your chosen agency, completely remotely. You could even have a remote ‘virtual office space too’ which can add another level of professionalism to your current Brands appeal.

Starting off

To begin – you should regularly investigate your rivals’ development; it is one of the most useful, yet least expensive, means of determining what you can do to stand out. To make yourself more appealing to potential consumers. Your competitors will have strengths and flaws from which you might learn

something, examine what they’re doing effectively and apply it to your own work. Offer services or degrees of care that they don’t have on their ‘menu,’ and include them as part of your offered services or features.

If you aren’t extremely computer literate, using something like Google Shopping may be challenging at first. It’s challenging to learn the ins and outs of Google Shopping for ecommerce when you’re juggling a lot of other duties. From setting up your ecommerce catalogue to uploading content and building a plan that targets clients at every stage of the online purchase process, our in-house agency pros can handle it all.

Complete optimization 

Google Shopping advertising will become a daily, go-to tool for a significant number of businesses once you get used to it; in fact, some businesses have been using it for so long that it’s like second nature to them. They know how to analyze a variety of data points in order to create a long-term strategy that will keep you ahead of the competition and increase your market position.

They also know how to optimize your click-through and conversion rates by creating attractive product listings with photographs, reviews, price information, and more. You should use Move Ahead Media to handle your Google Shopping account if you don’t want to take any chances with your marketing spend.

Don’t forget SEO

Aside from Google Shopping, your selected IT business should also be skilled in SEO (search engine optimization), social media advertising, content marketing, PPC advertising, other search engine Advertisements, retargeting, banner ads, and a variety of other services. 

They should be able to create and implement a long-term plan that incorporates all of the critical parts of digital marketing in order to turn your business into a great online success. You may gain the benefits of web marketing while a professional does the hard work for you at a low cost by using our experience. We may be new to Bangkok, but our established track record of success in Australia and the United Kingdom has earned us a reputation as industry leaders.

Think to the future

Ultimately, whoever you choose to work with should possess the qualities discussed above as well as be suitably qualified to set everything up for you. Ideally, you’d pay them a monthly, or quarterly payment based on their productivity. Partnering up with an SEO agency is the smart thing to do and it will drive you and your business forward.

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