Why To Choose Custom Wedding Invitation


When it comes to selecting your Wedding invitations, they need just as much care as the rest of your wedding details. Your wedding invitations are one area where you do not want to make a mistake. Your wedding invites are the first indication of the tone of your wedding and, in some cases, the only physical reminder of your big day for your guests. Custom wedding invitations can’t compete with store-bought invitations. Just by looking at the two, you can tell. Most couples don’t need convincing that bespoke invites are the way to go, but for those that do, here are three compelling reasons.

Invitations that are completely customized to match your theme and colours

When you pick bespoke, you have a plethora of options for personalizing your wedding invites. Your style and personality are not reflected when you use ready-made wedding invites.

You can customize the following:

  • Decide on a color palette.
  • Choose a font that appeals to you.
  • Change the phrase to match what you’re trying to communicate.
  • Custom letter pressing is available.
  • Change the card’s orientation.
  • Envelopes, RSVP cards, envelope liners, wax seals, information, or guidance cards for guests are examples of add-ons.
  • You receive exactly what you desire.
  • Every wedding should have a touch of class.

Ready-made invitations always follow a similar pattern and is kind of boring now. It’s best to go for a custom wedding invitation and make your wedding invitation your favourite. 

Ready-made invitations will always appear more sophisticated and luxurious than custom ones. You must fill in the spaces to add your information to ready-made invites. It’s OK for a birthday celebration, but a wedding requires a little more.

Decide on a mood

The tone of your wedding should be defined through your invites. This is accomplished through personalized invitations. Because you get to choose what you want, you can be sure they’re creating the atmosphere you want. Ready-made invitations have a very casual tone to them, which is completely inappropriate for most weddings. Even outdoor BBQ weddings require a more formal tone than a ready-made invitation can provide. Do you wish to send out such informal wedding invites as a bride and groom? It’s your special day, and your wedding invites should reflect that.

Custom wedding invitations have a lot of benefits.

1. Makes your visitors feel important. Your gathering is unquestionably a “special occasion.” Sending bespoke wedding invites demonstrates that you went to the trouble and expense of including them in your celebration. It also demonstrates how well-planned your event was.

2. Sets the tone for the rest of the event. Here, it’s all about the style! With a custom wedding invitation, you can be even more imaginative. A custom wedding invitation emphasizes the significance of the occasion and clarifies what your guests can expect when they come.

3. It allows you to be more specific about who is invited. It’s tough to specify “plus one,” “one visitor only please,” Mr. and Mrs., or whether or not children are included, etc., when sending out a digital invitation.

While bespoke invites do necessitate some forethought in order to place an order, the effort is minimal and well worth it. You don’t have to order your invitations as far in advance as you used to because technological advancements have made things easier. Wedding invitations have also become less expensive. The cost of custom invites is certainly worth it. You’ll be able to send wedding invites that you’re proud of.

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