Why Successful CEOs Love Round Conference Tables

Conference Tables

Over the years, rectangular tables have been the best choice in many conference rooms; however, many CEOs have realized this is not the best. Many organizations are now switching to round-shaped tables for holding meetings and discussions within the organization. Some research shows that the table’s shape also determines how people behave around it. 

Some areas where rectangular tables are common are classrooms, although they have not shown to be very suitable. This article examines why successful CEOs love a round conference table and why it is the best alternative.

It Gives Everyone a Chance to Talk

No matter the meeting you hold, you would like everyone to participate in the discussion. And you would like the information to flow easily and comfortably. Furthermore, nobody loves to shout so the person sitting on the other end can’t hear. All this is possible with the round conference tables. Everyone sits closer to the speaker, and all members can engage effectively because they hear every participant’s views.

Everyone Feels Included

There are no rigid rows of people when seated around a round conference table, and the angles at which you are seated are very flexible; you don’t have to crane your neck to engage with your neighbor. As a result of these arrangements, participants can chat seamlessly with their neighbors, thereby bringing up a sense of inclusivity. 

When everybody feels included, they are more likely to be productive in the discussion by bringing up views that help to lift the company. Contrary to that, when members are seated at a rectangular table, the person at the far end of the speaker may feel excluded and not participate effectively in the discussion.

It Is Easier to Move Around

A round conference table will often fit more people than the rectangular one, leaving more space to enable movements during the session. You don’t have to ask your neighbor to squeeze or even move your chair whenever you want to move. 

Therefore, a round conference table is the best choice if you are worried about the commotions created by members whenever they want to move and would otherwise interrupt the attention. Also, when members are seated at a round table, they don’t feel packed together, which further enhances comfort during the meeting.

The Shape of the Table Enhances Safety

Round conference tables don’t have sharp edges like rectangular or square-shaped tables. Due to their design, phones or water bottles have low chances of falling. The table also doesn’t have sharp corners, as with other table shapes, so there is a low risk of injury even if you accidentally bump it.


Round conference tables have proven to be more beneficial than rectangular or square tables because the table shape gives everyone a chance to participate in the discussion and feel included. The table also offers a spacious venue for movement and minimizes interruptions during the session. 

The shape of the table also promotes the safety of your items because it doesn’t have sharp edges, which would increase the chances of items falling. The smooth edge also lowers the risk of injury if you accidentally bump it.

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