Why Should You Hire Offshore Java Developers?

Java has been used as a programming language for developing apps and a range of digital platforms for more than two decades. It has retained its demand as more and more companies are willing to hire Java developers to develop responsive web applications. 

However, not all countries have enough local developers to cater to the needs of all the companies and clients located within their geographical boundaries. Instead of hiring average in-house Java developers, companies are now willing to hire Java developers from offshore resources. Living in a global economy and functioning in an inclusive global ecosystem has provided opportunities to a range of Java developers across the world to provide their services to clients that are willing to move away from local in-house employees. Moreover, the culture of outsourcing services is gaining more relevance with time, helping organizations broaden their horizons when it comes to hiring competent developers. 

If you are still on the fence regarding your decision, here are some of the major reasons why you should hire offshore Java Developers:

A Plethora Of Options

When you choose to hire offshore Java developers, you are often exposed to a big pool of skilled and experienced developers from across the world. When you have a plethora of options to choose from, you can be selective in your approach and hire developers who offer the best possible services to your organization.

Hiring Professional Developers At Cost-effective Rates

While hiring Java developers, it is important to ensure that the candidates possess all the required skills according to your specific needs and requirements. Here are some of the major concepts every capable Java developer should be aware of:

  • Object-oriented programming
  • The Java ecosystem
  • Classloading
  • Optimization of garbage collection
  • The intricate details about SQL queries
  • Concurrency and multithreading
  • Data collections and structures
  • Cache coherence and fence instructions
  • Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and memory management

 In the case of hiring offshore developers, you can build a team of professionals with all the required skills at cost-effective rates. In most cases, companies choose to hire developers on a contract basis, making them avail of their services at a lower cost. 

Availing Of Industry-specific Specializations

In the case of app development, organizations often prefer the developers to be capable of building and deploying applications that are industry-specific. This allows organizations to leverage their processes and work towards attaining their core goals and objectives. 

Hire in-house Java developers who may or may not be able to provide you with industry-specific service. On the other hand, when you choose to hire off-shore developers, you have an option to look into industry-specific specializations based on your requirements. 

Despite the increasing relevance of Java applications and programming, there is still a misconception about the services of developers being specific to the IT industry. Here are some of the other major industries where organizations need the services of competent Java developers:

  • Education and e-learning
  • Retail and manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Banking and finance
  • Hospitality
  • Real Estate

When you hire offshore Java developers, you can have them develop industry-specific applications and programs according to your requirements without any hassle. 

High Scalability

Hiring offshore Java developers allows you to increase the scalability of your applications based on your needs. The developers understand the specific requirements of your project and help you scale your processes accordingly. Essentially, this is because these developers are well-versed with the technical requirements of your project and help you make necessary changes based on the scale at which you are willing to work. 

Here are some of the key Java solutions used by developers for scaling your offshore Java team:

  • Java product development
  • Java web development
  • Java maintenance and support
  • Java system integration
  • Custom Java app development
  • Java games development
  • Java app upgrade and migration

All of these solutions that be easily scaled on the basis of your project requirements by offshore Java developers in a systematic manner. 

Adapting To Different Java Frameworks And Technologies

Java includes a number of different frameworks to cater to the specific needs of the organizations. Your offshore Java developers would help you adapt to any of these technologies based on the objectives that you are willing to achieve. 

Here are some of the most commonly used frameworks that your offshore Java developers would help you implement in your project:

  • Clojure – Clojure is a family of programming languages having a history of fully parenthesized prefix notation used on a Java platform. The framework treats a code as data and makes use of Lisp as a macro system. 
  • JRuby – JRuby is a Java application with a Ruby interpreter. Although it is already integrated with the Java platform, it possesses characteristics of Ruby – a general programming language supporting different programming paradigms like procedural, functional, and object-oriented programming. 
  • Apache Groovy – This framework consists of static compilation and static-typing capabilities that can be used on the Java platform. Apache Groovy comes with a syntax that is easy to use and concise for developers. 
  • Spring Boot – Spring Boot is a collection of tools from Pivotal. It provides you with solutions to problems faced commonly by developers while building distributed systems. 
  • Apache Spark – This is an in-memory data processing engine that delivers distributed data processing functionality that is suited for an array of specific situations.
  • Git – This is a distributed version control system used for tracking the changes made to the source code throughout the development of an application.
  • Docker – Docker is a tool that makes use of containers for creating, deploying, and running applications with utmost ease and efficiency. It is used for automating app deployment with the help of compact and self-sufficient containers that run on-premises as well as on the cloud. 

The Final Word

These were some of the major reasons why it is advisable to hire offshore Java developers. Offshore developers help you in focusing only on what is important and allow you to undertake cost-effective development. As opposed to hiring local in-house developers, the offshore alternatives provide you with greater flexibility and scalability when it comes to Java development.

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