Why sex is so good – for your health?

Why sex is so good – for your health?

Sex is supposed to be good, and no, we are not talking about in terms of how much pleasure you derive from it. That’s your subjective and well, personal experience. Sex actually has benefits for your physical health. 

Not only is it a primal need, but also required for better health and vitality. However, you need to also be smart about sex. 

It is pertinent to have safe sex; you cannot use the card that it’s good for you to act irresponsibly. Unprotected sex carries the risk of unwanted pregnancy as well as sexually transmitted diseases. 

And while sex may come naturally to a lot of people, some people might face barriers towards satisfying sex life, including problems like erectile dysfunction. In such instances, rather than denying yourself the pleasure and health benefits of sex, 

consult the Best Sexologist in Karachi and reach out to them for help. 

Health benefits of sex 

Impact on the mental health  

The afterglow is the real deal, friends, and not limited to just the song. Sex has a great impact on your mood. It helps in destressing, and naturally, when you are relaxed, your mental health improves as well. 

Moreover, sex and intimacy also help people cope better with problems. Similarly, it also allows partners to bond and come closer. It therefore eases relationships and paves way for healthier life. 

Sex also helps in improving self-esteem, which has a positive impact on the mental health. Apparently, sexual escapades are something your brain is proud of!

Improved sleep 

Sleep plays an important role for your physical and mental wellbeing. Alongside preventing chronic ailments, it also helps in preventing depression. Therefore, the importance of sleep cannot be discounted. Sex facilitates the benefits of quality shuteye, by helping you sleep better. 

People have reported to sleep better after having an orgasm. While more research is needed to explore this interesting relationship, but one reason for it may be due to the relaxing spell that sex puts the body under. 


You can take a painkiller for headache relief, or go a more fun route, sex. As per some studies, for those suffering from headaches like migraines and cluster headache, having sex can potentially aid in pain relief. 


Another benefit of sex for health is improved longevity. As per data, men with more orgasms were less likely to succumb to death.   An important reason why is that sex helps in having a healthier heart. 

Reduced risk of prostate cancer 

Prostate gland in found in the pelvic region of men. Prostate cancer is fairly common amongst men. Since it does not present symptoms in the initial stages, it often catches people unaware. Sex, on the other hand, can help in lowering the risk of prostate cancer. 

Healthy heart

You need to look after your heart to have a long and healthy life. One way to do it is by having sex. Preliminary data has shown promising relationship between sex and decreased risk of stroke and heart disease. 

Similarly, risk for heart rate variability and death from heart-related complications is also lesser in people who have regular intercourse.

Moreover, stress also gravely increases the risk for heart disease, and the fact that sex helps in lowering stress, and by that extension, heart disease, is important. 

Also, sex is a sort of strenuous physical activity. Since exercise is good for the heart, likewise, a romp in the bed also contributes towards healthy sex life. 

 Unfortunately, with the good also comes the bad. Sex and heart may also put each other down. Too much sex can strain your heart. 

Likewise, heart can also put a damper on your sex life, especially in case of men. Problems like hypertension can lead to sexual dysfunction alongside reduced sexual satisfaction. This may then require a visit to the doctor, whom you can consult via oladoc.com

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