Why See a Physical Therapist in Florida for Pelvic Floor Therapy?

If you are experiencing pain in your pelvic area or vagina, it could be because of pelvic floor disorder. According to studies, this condition is more common in women than men. Many people think pelvic floor problems arise due to aging, but that’s not true in all cases. Pelvic floor disorder indicates injured or weakened pelvic floor muscles. 

The muscles in the pelvic area contract and expand to support the other organs when you perform your daily activities. These muscles relax when you go to pee or poop. 

Carrying heavy weight regularly, childbirth, constipation and injury to your pelvic region are some causes of pelvic floor disorder. The pelvic floor therapy Boca Raton can help you regain control over your muscles in the pelvic area. You could approach MyDoc Women’s Health Specialists for treatments like this.

They have the best team who can also treat general health problems like infection and others. This means, you do not have to visit another general physician for other problems like fever, infections, etc. 

What are the benefits of Pelvic floor therapy in Florida?

  • Reduce Constipation: Constipation can occur for various reasons like large colon nerves dysfunction, dietary changes and being in a rest position for a longer time. Pelvic floor therapy will be extremely beneficial to patients suffering from constipation. It helps the patients by strengthening the muscles in the pelvic area.
  • Pain During Sexual Activity: Many women with this pelvic floor disorder may be unable to tolerate penetration. They may experience pain when having sex. Some people may experience cramping for a few hours after having sex. All of this can be avoided by pelvic floor therapy.
  • Pelvic Pain: You may experience pelvic discomfort when sitting and walking. This discomfort can be more when you use stairs. Pelvic floor therapy can provide you with great relief from pelvic pain. This therapy helps you move freely. 
  • Incontinence: Incontinence indicates unintentional loss of gas or urine. Urge and stress incontinence are the two types of incontinence that many people commonly experience. People with stress incontinence experience urine leakage (involuntary) when they sneeze or laugh, or cough. Urge incontinence is when you feel like using the bathroom more often.

Your uterus and vagina undergo various changes during your pregnancy and postpartum period. Your vagina will go back to its regular size after childbirth. Pelvic floor therapy can improve blood circulation towards your vagina. It helps your vagina to heal quickly after childbirth.

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