Why Prefer Electric Car Over Fuel Car – Everything You Need to Know

Nowadays, humanity is progressing with advancement in every field including science and technology. Humans have made various machines among which car is also one. With this advanced science, the concept of the electric car was introduced in the early 19th century. And to date, most people have begun to switch from their fuel cars to electric cars.

However, some people are still struggling to decide which one to prefer, for them, we are here to discuss briefly the advantages of the electric car.

Where to get the best quality EV accessories?

After getting an EV, the major responsibility is to maintain it for which good quality accessories are needed. For this purpose, you can contact Jucer, an Australian registered and trading company. Here you’ll get the best quality of EV accessories including the level 2 charge cable Australia. Also, you can trust their products as it exceeds the industry standards regulated by the EESS. With their products and EV technology, they are dedicated to bringing benefits to the world.

Why buy an electric car?

If you’re still confused and searching for reasons for buying an electric car. Then here are the advantages and benefits of an electric car:

  • Less costly: according to a Federal Government Report in 2019, it was found that the running cost for an electric car is quite low as compared to the car running on petrol and diesel. Also, it has been assumed that by 2025, the running cost for the electric car will be $1100 lower than a fuel-burning car.
  • Save on maintenance: the electric cars are quite low maintenance as compared to the fuel cars as it has lesser parts than it. For example, electric cars slow down and possess a single-speed transmission which reduces the use of breaks and clutch.
  • Better driving experience: as it lacks a fuel-burning engine, hence it doesn’t vibrate much, and also it doesn’t get heated up like the fuel car. Hence you can enjoy a smooth driving experience. Also, you can manage the temperature with an app.
  • Charging: it is even more Beneficial for Australian with solar panels. As you can directly charge your vehicle with solar energy without consuming the actual electricity provide to your house. Hence you can also save the electric bills and save electricity.
  • Eco-friendly nature: another major advantage is that it is good for the environment as it doesn’t use petrol and diesel, it produces no carbon monoxide, no heat, no pollutants. Also, by using solar energy you can save electricity.

About charging benefits

The EV charging is also helpful for the electricity grid. It has been found that the effect of charging over the lead is quite dependent upon the charging location, frequency, and time of charging. The charging also depends on the type of charging:

  • Level 1: 7.5 to 15km/hour
  • Level 2: 18 to 40km/hour
  • Level 3: 150 km/hour to full charge within 10 minutes

Also, the grid is benefited from managed EV public charger where it stabilizes the grid by absorbing renewable energy. Also, with the usage of remote-controlled home chargers, the load over the grid can be reduced. And charger with V2G supports the grid with frequency control ancillary services.


With the above-mentioned information, you can know the advantages of electric cars. However, the decision is up to you only.

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