Why My iPhone Not Connecting to Comfast WiFi Extender SSID?

Comfast WiFi extender

After successfully completing the Comfast WiFi repeater setup process, users are allowed to access its SSID on any device. Once users are done accessing the Comfast WiFi extender SSID, they are able to enjoy super-fast internet speed from any corner of their house.

But, what if you are unable to access the Comfast extender’s WiFi on your iPhone? Well, this will not only interrupt your internet experience but also put a full stop to many online that demand high-speed internet.

If you are desperately looking for a solution to the “iPhone not connecting to Comfast WiFi extender SSID” issue, then Google has put you on the right post. Here, we are going to provide you with some of the best tips that will help you get the issue fixed at hand. So, all you have to do is to give all the hacks listed below a try and get ready to access the Comfast extender’s WiFi on your iPhone. Hence, stick to reading!

iPhone Not Connecting to Comfast WiFi Extender SSID

The Relevant Fixes

Fix 1: Check Connection Between Devices

First and first, you are recommended to ensure that the connection between your Comfast Wifi extender and iPhone is good enough. Perhaps, your iPhone is accessing the wrong network, which is pulling you into the problem of the issue. Hence, to do away with the issue, have a quick nudge on the connections between your devices and ensure that everything is good going.

Fix 2: Reboot Your Comfast WiFi Extender

Perhaps, some kind of technical glitch is preventing you from accessing the internet on your iPhone. In such a case, we advise you to reboot your Comfast WiFi extender.

Here are the step-by-step instructions to execute the process:

  • First things first, turn off your Comfast WiFi range extender and unplug it.

  • After unplugging the Comfast extender, you have to wait for some time.

  • Now, plug the extender back in.

  • Try to connect your iPhone to the Comfast extender’s SSID and see if this hack helps you fix the issue or not.

Fix 3: Check Your Internet Connection

Are you sure that you are receiving sufficient internet services from your ISP end? If not, then you need to verify the same with him. Ask him if your existing data pack is still active. Apart from this, you can also upgrade your data package.

Fix 4: Restart Your iPhone

What happened? None of the hacks listed above bring you luck? Well, in such a situation, we recommend you restart your iPhone. But, before restarting your iPhone, you have to look for the software updates availability. And, if you find that the software is pending for your iPhone, download it right away. Your device will restart automatically as soon as the software gets installed on your device.

Fix 5: Check the Password Entrée

Users usually give a strong password to their Comfast WiFi extender after configuring it. Changing the existing password helps in protecting the extender’s password from online potential threats and WiFi leeches. On the off chance, you have changed the admin details of your Comfast range extender, then, first of all, we must congratulate you on making such a wise decision for giving your extender an extra layer of protection.

It seems like you are using the existing password when trying to connect your iPhone to your Comfast extender’s WiFi. If so, then you need to ensure that you are using the correct (changed) password.

Fix 6: Reset and Reconfigure Comfast Extender

If your Comfast WiFi extender is not configured in a proper way, then also it will lead you to experience the issue. Thus, reset your Comfast extender by pressing and holding the reset button present on it and releasing it after a couple of minutes.

Once you are done resetting your Comfast WiFi range extender, configure it from the scratch. After doing Comfast repeater setup, you will get the new extended SSID. Using the default password, you can easily access it (extender’s WiFi network name) on your iPhone.

The Concluding Thought

That was all about our write-up about how you can fix the “iPhone Not Connecting to Comfast WiFi Extender SSID” issue. We really hope that the above-mentioned hacks bring you luck.

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