Why Is It Important To Exercise On A Mat?

If you are just starting to embrace daily exercise or have recently joined your local gym, you’ll know that there are a few basic essentials that make life easier. Your first purchases should definitely be gym mats and good quality exercise gear. These may seem like things that you can compromise on but here’s why having the proper equipment can really help your fitness journey.

What Are The Different Types Of Gym Mats?

There are various types of gym mats to suit your every need. Different activities and classes call for different thickness of mats and different materials. A few of the most common exercise mats are:

Yoga Mats

Yoga mats are generally slightly thinner than other exercise mats. The reason for this is that yoga calls for a certain amount of grounding and connection with the floor beneath you. They also provide postural support and help with balance exercises. Most yoga mats are made of rubber, foam or PVC. A good yoga mat will be hard-wearing and long lasting whilst being resistant to sweat.

Protective Flooring Mats

Protective flooring is generally used at commercial or home gyms to keep machines and equipment from moving around. They are often cut into interlocking jigsaw shapes that make them easy to reassemble when required.

All-Purpose Gym Mats

These are generally a little thicker and denser than yoga mats but should still be easy to travel with. Excellent for intense workout routines and high-impact use.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Gym Mats?

It can be easy to overlook the benefits that using a gym mat can make to your workouts and wellness routines. A portable, travel friendly gym mat can be taken everywhere with you and is an excellent way of reserving personal space. For example, laying your mat down at the gym shows that the space is in use and allows for you to base yourself in your chosen area.

Of course, one of the main reasons for purchasing gym mats is to give us extra comfort during exercise. Gym mats create a cushioned base and reduce the effects of high-impact movements on the joints. They are excellent shock absorbers and are perfect for those with back or muscle problems.

Mats are an excellent choice when it comes to hygiene purposes. Creating a boundary between ourselves and areas of heavy footfall where bacteria and dirt are present. You can sanitise your mat before and after use to keep it clean and fresh.

Choosing The Perfect Exercise Mat

Choosing a good gym mat doesn’t have to be difficult. When thinking about which gym mats to purchase you should consider your own personal preferences such as colour and thickness as there are many different options. Your exercise mat should be travel friendly and easy to roll up for storage in your travel bag, or under your arm.

Depending on which activities your mat is intended for, you may want to opt for a long length mat. This is typically used for general exercise, yoga and Pilates. All options are great for beginners, and you’ll be sure to reap the benefits of incorporating them into your daily regime.

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