Why Company Sales Teams Need to Incorporate the Video Marketing Strategy

Australia is home to several industries, including agriculture, mining, manufacturing, electricity, construction, wholesale and retail trade, accommodation and food services, transport, information media, rental, technical services, education and training, healthcare, arts and recreation services. They have established over 2.5 million small and large businesses all over the country, supplying goods and services to customers and clients to satisfy their needs. With the advent of smartphones and the internet, most of these transactions happen online, making online marketing videos for business one of the essential tools that the sales team must integrate into their strategies.

More Opportunities for Creativity

Videos are a great opportunity for the sales team to coordinate and develop creative campaigns that significantly increase the impact and sales. Because videos offer a personal and relatable touch and help teams collectively develop better mindshare. Video marketing has become an essential aspect of most small and large businesses, making it necessary for every sales rep to master. Marketing videos for businesses provide numerous opportunities for the sales team to incorporate animation, texts, situations, skits, one-to-one personalised videos, interactive experiences, and gaming advertisements to showcase better the products and services they offer.

More Time for Sales

Incorporating videos as a sales strategy can be economically beneficial as it generates more sales without the sales team having to invest their time reaching out to every person individually. Rather than calling every customer or recording a new video for each customer, they can create common, personalised videos and save them as playlists. They can reuse the videos by combining them with other relevant ones that satisfy the customer’s needs. If the main content of the marketing videos for business is well-done, then there is no point in reinventing it for every other customer. The sales rep can add a brief and personalised introduction or addition in the video and hit send.

Track Views, Clicks, Engagement and Impact

The customer relationship management (CRM) department and the marketing systems can directly observe customer engagement with these videos. The sales team can get quantitative feedback on the number of customers who have watched the video and email opens, response rates, win rates, the percentage they engaged with it and the number of positive responses the video received. The team can optimise and customise the videos to increase engagement based on the videos’ performances. By having a computerised system to track the data, the salespersons can spend more time strategising and selling to more customers than they would otherwise have.

It Earns Better Mindshare

Reports show that people are 8-times more likely to open an email with a video attachment than just texts or a poster, and 3-times more likely to respond. Receiving a personalised video by email can take the customer by surprise. It creates a memorable customer experience and service if the sales consultants, business development reps and executives reach out to people via videos. Video marketing, therefore, increases the reputation, trust and loyalty of customers as they build familiarity.  

Increases Engagement and Response Rate

Videos are arguably one of the most influential communication tools today as it provides visual, auditory and interactive experiences to customers. Over 75% of the best performing sales experts mentioned that including videos in their marketing campaigns increased the response rates. Reading a barrage of texts on emails or SMS can make the customer feel disinterested and stressed. It is easy to scroll over the promotional content companies send as long written content. But videos reverse the effect due to their multimedia approach.

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