Why choose optical, magnetic glitter pigments?

In the economic era, the products of various industries are being updated rapidly, and in order to occupy a place in the flood of the market economy, not only the function of products should be strong, but also the appearance and packaging design should be suitable for the aesthetics of consumers. The combination of galglitter optical, magnetic glitter pigments, and the printing industry is an upgrade to the traditional printing products and an upgrade to the industry. Optical magnetic glitter can give the printing products a higher value and make your products more colorful!

What is optical, magnetic glitter pigment?

Optical magnetic glitter, also known as structural color powder, adopts high-precision micro and nano-optical processing technology to collect nano-level microstructures on polymer films and add the magnetic coating to finally achieve multi-color effects and 3D cat’s eye magnetic effect. galglitter uses cutting-edge material technology and imported films as substrates, and the product performance is extremely stable. The optical magnetic glitter can be used for printing by mixing with ink. The final rainbow color effect and magnetic effect are closely related to the blending ratio and glitter particle size, so it is recommended to do a test before use to ensure a better-finished product.

What are the advantages of optical, magnetic glitter pigments?

Stable performance

With good temperature resistance, the powder can withstand about 180℃. Solvent resistance, soluble in organic solvents and inorganic solvents. Magnetics uses a magnetic curing process to achieve a hundred different shapes.

Color eye-catching

The microstructure in the glitter body has an obvious dynamic color-changing effect under the effect of light diffraction, and it can also present 3D three-dimensional rainbow ring under angle change with bright and colorful colors.

Fine powder quality

The thickness of galglitter series glitter is 2-3um, and the particle size is 35-75um, which is more uniform and delicate than the conventional glitter on the market and has a strong decorative appearance.

Nowadays, the homogenization of goods is becoming more and more serious. The combination of optical magnetic glitter with printing, with differentiated product effects, can largely help the goods stand out from many competing products, thus enhancing the competitiveness of the goods in the market. galglitter always adheres to the mission of making “vision” show the true beauty of the enterprise; engaged in the field of micro and nano optics research for more than 20 years, and we have a very professional R & D design team and integrated R & D design, production, and processing, sales, and trade in one, is a professional optical, magnetic glitter supplier

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