Why Businesses All Over the World Are Installing Sneeze Guards

Sneeze Guards

The main reason for businesses to down shutters when the coronavirus pandemic hit America was their inability to ensure social distancing. After the dust settled, businesses scrambled to find ways of making their facilities safe for employees and customers. Since the virus spreads from person to person through direct contact, social distancing can be particularly difficult to implement in typical office or retail store layouts. Installing sneeze guards can help to check the spread of the virus.

What Are Sneeze Guards

Sneeze guards are a conceptually and structurally simple yet highly effective method of preventing the spread of the virus from one person to another even when they are close to each other. Businesses can install thin sheets of plastic to act as barriers in places like checkout areas, customer service counters, or other places where people may need to interact. The thin plastic sheets allow people to see each other clearly and do not obstruct sounds, so people can talk to each other without any difficulty while remaining protected from physical contact. Sneeze guards are most effective in closed environments where people can’t distance themselves socially and still interact with each other. According to OSHA, installing Plexiglas partitions can help social distancing be more effective.

Easy To Order and Install

Businesses are increasingly using sneeze guards because they are simple to order and install. They can install the guards quickly without making any changes to the office layout or engaging in inconvenient and expensive carpentry. These guards come in standard sizes, but you can also order them in custom sizes and specifications. There are multiple ways of using them. You can hang them from the ceiling and set them on a table or counter using just a few screws.

The installation process of a sneeze guard is simple, quick, and non-messy, which makes them ideal for large offices needing to quickly improve sanitation and health safety for employees and customers. Because of their simplicity and modular nature, businesses can place orders to as many guards as they like and keep on expanding their use as they keep reopening offices. The ability to customize the shape and size is a big advantage as offices do not need to rearrange their layouts.

How Do Sneeze Guards Work

If you are wondering how sneeze guards work. You will be surprised to learn how simple the concept is. And how effective it is to stop the spread of the virus. Sneeze guards are thin sheets of plastic or acrylic. That you can mount or hang over a service area, counter, or workstation. To separate employees or employees from customers. People on either side of the plastic partitions can see, hear. And interact with each other without any hindrance, yet remain safe from the virus. The respiratory particles potentially carrying the virus will hit the plastic sheet. And not allow it to come in contact with the person.


While nothing can eliminate the chances of germs spreading in closed environments. Plastic sneeze guards perform admirably in keeping employees and visitors safe from viral exposure due to breath, sneezing, and cough.

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