Why 9006 headlight bulb is better than the 9005 headlight bulb?

The 9006 headlight bulb offers a great deal of brightness with the least amount of power. The fact that the bulb is single filament makes it a smart choice for people who like to drive without compromising on the safety factor. The 9006 headlight bulb is made to last longer than any other headlight bulb available on the market. Generally, it has a life span of around 50000 hours. The 9006 bulb is a single filament version of the 9005 headlight bulb. It is a bit better than the 9005 bulbs because it secures the filament within the bulb and thus it can withstand centrifugal force. The 9005 bulb doesn’t have this advantage and is prone to failure. While both of these bulbs have the same socket, they have different connectors. This is because of the difference in the bulb itself. The 9005 bulb has 2 filaments and the 9006 bulb has 1 filament. So the only way to use the 9005 bulbs in the 9006 sockets is to modify the bulb. The 9006 LED bulbs have the same connector as the 9005 LED bulbs but the bulb itself is different.

How to use the 9005 headlight bulb in the 9006 headlight socket?

Changing your car’s headlight bulbs is necessary because the standard headlights can’t work efficiently for a long time. No need to worry about that as the 9005 headlight bulb can be used in the 9006 sockets at the cost of a few modifications. The 9005 LED bulb is just the right replacement for the 9006 HID or halogen bulb. This is because they both have a similar base and the 9005 LED bulb will fit perfectly in the 9006 sockets. The only thing that you will have to do is to modify your vehicle’s wiring to make it compatible with the bulb. It is possible to use 9005 headlight bulbs in the 9006 headlight socket but there is a need to change the socket. You need to do some minor modifications to get a perfect fit. First of all, you need to open the 9006 headlight socket. You can use a small screwdriver and remove the four screws that hold the lens in place. After removing the screws, you can pull the headlight housing away from the socket. Visit www.suncentauto.com to buy 9006 headlight bulb at affordable rates.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the 9006 headlight bulb over 9005?

It is important to choose the right bulb for your vehicle to get the right light quality. The 9005 and 9006 are the two types of headlight bulbs that are used in cars. The 9005 is the standard bulb while the 9006 is the single filament bulb option. You may be thinking that the number of filaments doesn’t matter. But the bulb has to be compatible with the socket and the HID kit used in your car. The 9005 bulb is compatible with all the HID kits and its socket. However, the 9006 bulbs might not fit in all the kits. The 9006 LED bulb has several advantages over the 9005. It is brighter and lasts longer. In the case of the 9005, it is not very bright and the light is not stable. When it is used in a fog light, the light becomes very shaky and doesn’t illuminate a long distance. The light is not focused on the road and can cause accidents. But with the 9006, the light is very bright, white, and stable. Also, the light can be focused and is thus more usable.

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