White Label Trading Platform – Advantages and Disadvantages

Today, many traders look at the forex market and think about how to start a cryptocurrency business and trading here. The international foreign exchange market has many advantages and is able to provide high returns if handled correctly. And if a company is thinking about creating a crypto exchange, then this path consists of several stages. It is very important to calculate the costs of the trading platform.

There are two main ways to create a platform: buying a new trading model or implementing a white label cryptocurrency exchange software. Let’s find out what advantages and disadvantages the second option has.

Important Benefits of Implementing White Label Crypto Exchange Software

  1.   New entrants are interested in a quality liquidity provider, increased profits, and a reliable trading platform that helps reduce costs. White Label FX is an excellent solution to create a cryptocurrency exchange with maximum functionality. At the same time, the costs are minimal in comparison with the purchase of the MT4 or an MT5 platform.
  2.   Forex prime brokers receive ready-made solutions and tools adapted to their desires and goals. Moreover, the cryptocurrency exchange White Label is constantly being improved and updated.
  3.   Support. The company’s specialists provide configuration of cryptocurrency exchange software, as well as guarantee high-quality support throughout the entire term of the agreement. This means that the broker is deprived of the problems and troubles that arise due to unforeseen circumstances. Moreover, no server maintenance costs are required.

WL helps new brokers start crypto exchange brokers as quickly and efficiently as possible with minimal costs.

Disadvantages of WL Platforms

Of course, every solution has advantages and disadvantages. Some brokers point out features of the white label forex platform that may not suit them.

  • Limited access to server settings. The broker has the ability to customize the crypto exchange white label, but the main parameters remain the same and are not available to clients. They are available from WL. Therefore, the broker is formally dependent on the supplier.
  • All changes must be agreed with the supplier. The broker cannot make changes at any time, only of his own free will. And if he needs to start accepting cryptocurrency payments, increase the spread, etc., then he needs to contact the headquarter.
  • Costs depend on the number of clients. The cost of White label crypto exchange services grows with the growth of your customer base. Accordingly, costs can increase over time.

B2Broker – Great Solution for starting a cryptocurrency exchange

B2Broker is able to offer customers good conditions in case they decide to start a cryptocurrency exchange. Because the firm is transparent and professional and also offers access to a white label cryptocurrency exchange at reasonable prices. This approach has made it possible to achieve success and increase the number of institutional clients.

The average cost of an MT4 or MT5 platform is around $200,000. And B2Broker helps new players save that money from the very first stage. Also, worth noting is the high-quality support and round-the-clock service. Thanks to this, you can start a cryptocurrency exchange with minimal costs and maximum efficiency.

Important Solutions of B2Broker Company

The service helps start cryptocurrency business brokers successfully by offering excellent WL solutions. The company provides access to the most popular trading platforms (MT4 and MT5), and also uses modern technologies and security systems. For example, the B2Trader matching engine and the M2Margin exchange trading platform.

Also, B2Broker accepts bitcoin payments and is constantly working to improve the platform. Today it is one of the leaders in the segment, able to help create your own crypto exchange. Contact us to learn more about how to start a forex business successfully.

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