While hiring a Python Developer

1. Skills & Experience

 The ideal candidate should have a strong background in programming languages, databases, and web technologies. We require at least 5 years of full-time experience developing high quality software solutions using Django Framework (preferably) or Python 2.x. A good understanding of object oriented design principles is highly desirable.

 2. Technology Stack

 We use the following technology stack:

 * Django framework – we prefer using django 1.5+

 * PostgreSQL database

 * ElasticSearch as the search back end

 * Redis as a cache server

 * Celery task queue

 * RabbitMQ message broker

 * Jenkins Continuous integration service

 * Git version control system

1. What do you need?

 I am looking for a Python developer who is able to help me design and implement solutions based on my ideas. My preferred technology stack is python/django/angularjs/react/mongodb/postgresql. I have worked with Django before but AngularJS is a completely different beast. So if you have experience in both frameworks, please mention that as well. while hiring a Python Developer

 2. Do you know any open-source projects using those technologies?

 Yes! I am currently working on building a website framework called ‘Kairos’. 3. Can you write any code?

 Sure! Our website is built entirely in django and angularjs. We use mongodb for storing data.

 4. How many years of experience do you have?

 We haven’t decided yet. But we would prefer someone who has at least 2-3 years of professional experience.

 5. Will you be paid hourly or project basis?

 Project basis. We expect to pay somewhere around $150 per hour.

 6. What will you charge?

 Our rate is negotiable. We expect a reasonable payment after the work delivered is satisfactory.

 1. Technical Skills

 Python is a well-known programming language, which means it is already known and understood by many programmers out there. There are some good tutorials online about how to code python using different IDEs (Integrated Development Environments). You do not have to be very familiar with it if you are looking for a Python developer – just make sure they are skilled enough at coding in general to get the job done!

 2. Communication Skills

 While you may want someone who speaks English natively, a good programmer should still be able to communicate effectively and efficiently in both written and spoken languages. Being able to explain what you want them to accomplish and how they plan on going about doing it is just as important as being able to actually write the code!

 3. Experience

 This is obviously going to depend on the project, but I would assume that experience working with Python developers is a plus! However, if you don’t know anyone personally who does work with Python, then it’s definitely going to be difficult in finding someone with experience. If you’re willing to pay for experience, then try asking around friends, family members, or coworkers who might know of any possible candidates you could hire.

 4. Personality

 Some people prefer to work alone, while others really enjoy having a team effort behind them. If you have hired a Python developer before and it was a success, take note of what kind of personality they were. Did they like to work closely with other people? Or did they prefer to sit in front of their computer and type away? Knowing how the person works will help you better assess whether they are going to work really well together. Also, if you knew a Python developer before and had trouble getting them to perform the way you wanted them to, then maybe it wasn’t due to lack of technical skills so much as communication problems.

 5. Availability If you need someone immediately, then you may want to consider contacting a local freelancer website (like Upwork) and making inquiries about potential candidates. However, depending on where you live, you may find that the hourly rate of a Python developer may be really high, especially since you’re going to have to pay for travel time. It’s always best to ask around and gauge what kind of rates you can expect to receive.

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