Where Can I Find Each and Every Legendary Spell According to the Elden Ring’s Guide to Legendary Spells

In spite of the fact that Elden Ring does not have the same kind of item rarity system that is found in role-playing games like Diablo or World of Warcraft, the game does include a “Legendary” tag that can be applied to notable weapons, summons, talismans, and, more importantly for the purposes of this discussion, spells and sorceries.

You probably have the presumption that the Legendary sorceries found in Elden Ring must be among the most potent spells available in the game. Even though there are a select few that merit such a title, the strange reality of the situation is that the vast majority of legendary spells are more flashy than they are useful. The effort that is required to obtain them is frequently more significant than the reward that is ultimately obtained.

However, players who are interested in completing all of the Elden Ring achievements or simply experiencing everything that this game has to offer will need to be aware of the location of the game’s collection of legendary spells in order to do so.

Where to Look for the Flame of the Fallen God Within the Elden Ring

Using the spell “Flame of the Fell God,” it is possible to conjure a fireball the size of a meteor and hurl it at an unlucky foe. The massive fireball detonates upon making contact with the target, quickly engulfing the surrounding area in lethal flames.
To tell you the truth, this is a rather peculiar spell. It is undeniably powerful, but it moves at an extremely snail’s pace, and it is frequently possible to replace it with other spells that do not require as many Faith points to use (41) and do not cost as much FP. It is going to be very difficult for you to work this into your rotation, but it is going to be very helpful against certain bosses who are going to be particularly vulnerable to the stun effect that this has.
After you have vanquished Adan, the Thief of Fire, you will be granted access to the spell, Flame of the Fell God. You should be able to locate him at the Malefactor’s Evergaol in Liurnia of the Lakes.

Where to Look for the Greyoll’s Roar and the Elden Ring

The Greyoll’s Roar spell is yet another peculiar Legendary ability. It deals a respectable amount of damage, but its primary use is as an area-of-effect debuff that lowers the total attack power of nearby enemies for a period of about 60 seconds.
This spell can be helpful in player versus player encounters, but it is both too slow and too expensive to rely on in the majority of higher-level conflicts. It is also quite beneficial if you give it to a Mimic Tear summon; however, in all honesty, you should probably just have that summon concentrate on dealing damage instead. In the end, it is difficult to locate a suitable application for this one-of-a-kind ability.
After you have vanquished Greyoll, you will be able to purchase Greyoll’s Roar from the Dragon Communion Altar located within the Cathedral of Dragon Communion.

Elden Ring: Where to Find Elden Stars
You have the ability to call down a volley of homing projectiles that target enemies in the immediate area when you use Elden Stars. The individual projectiles don’t do a lot of damage, but collectively they have the potential to completely throw off an opponent’s balance and keep them stunned.
Despite the fact that this spell is very impressive to look at, it is unfortunately not very useful. Although you are able to keep some very dangerous foes at a safe distance thanks to the spell’s respectable range, there are almost always other options that are superior to this one. It is just strange that such a massive spell (and one that costs a lot of Elden Ring runes) should turn out to be so strangely situational in the end.
You will need to travel to Great Waterfall Crest and then enter the cave that is close by in order to find Elden Stars. There, you will have to fight your way through swarms of giant ants until you come across a body that is in possession of the Elden Stars spell.

Where to Look for the Elden Ring’s Founding of the Rain of Stars
You have the ability to conjure a rainstorm of lethal projectiles that deal a respectable amount of damage to any enemies that are in the immediate area by casting the spell Founding Rain of Stars. To put it another way, it’s pretty much identical to what you would anticipate based on the name alone.


This is yet another Legendary Elden Ring spell, and like the others, it simply cannot be fit into most rotations due to its slow casting speed and high cost. It’s a decent area of effect (AOE) ability that punishes enemies for getting too close, but it’s difficult to justify using it over cheaper and faster spells that will often just kill those enemies quicker. The reason for this is that it punishes enemies for getting too close.
It is necessary for you to travel to Heretical Rise in the Mountaintops of the Giants in order to acquire this spell. You’ll need to make your way across an invisible bridge that’s spanning the nearby ravine in order to get there. There is a white mist that moves throughout that area, and it will guide you to the path that is safe to take.

Where to Look for the Elden Ring’s Founding of the Rain of Stars

With this spell, you will gradually conjure a large magical moon that you can launch at your foes. The projectile has sufficient power to instantly kill a large number of foes, and those that do survive will be subject to frost damage in addition to suffering a debuff that prevents them from benefiting from any magical effects.
This spell has a high cost, a high stat requirement (68 Intelligence), and a slow cast speed, all of which may lead you to believe that it has a lower utility than it actually does. In reality, it has a slightly higher utility. If you use a Mimic Tear to buy yourself the time required to safely use this spell, you’ll find that it’s actually a pretty great opener that makes your subsequent spells slightly more powerful. If you use a Mimic Tear and other Elden Ring Armor  to buy yourself the time required to safely use this spell, you’ll find that it’s actually a pretty great opener that
You’ll find a chest containing this spell on top of the Altar South tower. To gain access to that tower, you will need to locate three magical tortoises in the immediate area. You will learn how to complete the task by reading this guide.

Elden Ring: Where to Find Comet Azur
Comet Azur is a tremendously potent Elden Ring spell that enables you to release a tremendous amount of unadulterated magical power in the form of a beam. The beam uses up a significant amount of FP, but the results are frequently commensurate with the investment.
To put it more succinctly, this is likely the most powerful Legendary spell in Elden Ring. If you are willing to build your character around this spell, you will find that it is more than capable of melting some of the toughest enemies in the game in just a few seconds. If you are willing to build your character around this spell, you will find that it is more than capable of doing so.
You will need to travel to the Hermit Village in Mount Gelmir in order to obtain this spell. You will run into Primeval Sorcerer Azur in the north-eastern portion of that region. He will teach you everything you require to become proficient in the spell.

Where to Look for the Stars of Ruin, According to the Elden Ring
Stars of Ruin is a relatively straightforward spell (at least when compared to other Legendary spells), which summons twelve magical missiles that are capable of pursuing nearby foes. The spell’s name comes from the fact that it is easier to remember than other Legendary spells.
This spell comes at a staggeringly high price but is surprisingly effective. Because it is physically impossible to sidestep every one of this thing’s projectiles, dealing with it in PvP situations is a complete and utter nightmare. It is also quite useful during the majority of PvE encounters, particularly if you have the opportunity to “prep” it with spell damage-enhancing effects before using it. This is unquestionably one of the Legendary spells that is worthy of your time and effort to obtain.

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