When Should You Call a Tree Surgeon?

Tree Surgeon

Planting trees in your yard is a great way to improve your garden landscape and serve an ecological purpose. They can significantly enhance the area’s aesthetic and add to curb appeal. A tree’s health and safety depend on being professionally cared for regularly.

Specialists in tending to trees, tree surgeons are also sometimes referred to as arborists. They are trained to identify tree diseases, plant new trees, prune existing ones, and remove dead ones. Tree surgeons rely on a wide range of equipment, such as ropes, chainsaws and ladders, to get the job done.

When Do You Need a Tree Surgeon?

Sometimes trees can’t be saved, even if you do everything right. Identifying problem areas and calling for professional help before it is too late is crucial. Here are some telltale indicators and warning signs that your tree needs attention:

Pests and Disease: Damage to trees is often caused by pests and illnesses. Fruit and flower loss, holes in the bark or branches, sap leaking, and wilting are all red flags. Fungus on the bark and crumbling wood also indicate disease. A prompt response is necessary to treat these alterations and prevent further damage.

Noticeable Injury: Damage to the tree is an obvious indicator that it needs surgical intervention. This damage could be as simple as a broken branch or as severe as the tree’s trunk being split. The sooner you contact a qualified tree surgeon if you notice any problems, the better.

Improper Growth: If your tree isn’t growing as it should, it may also be a sign that it needs surgery. Several factors, including insufficient sunlight and poor soil quality, could be to blame. If your tree is having trouble expanding, it may be time to consult a tree surgeon.

Falling Leaves: Lastly, if you notice your tree is losing leaves outside of the season, it may be time to schedule a surgical procedure. It’s essential to contact a professional tree surgeon to determine the cause, which could be anything from disease to pests.

Damage from Storms: UK weather is highly unreliable and capable of causing significant destruction. Refrain from discounting the potential impact of bad weather on large trees, primarily if they are located near your residence. Calling a professional tree surgeon to remove or restore a tree after a storm has damaged it is essential.

Why Choose Bark and Branch Tree Surgeons

Bark and Branch’s tree surgeons have comprehensive training and certification in arboriculture from the National Proficiency Test Council (NPTC). Chainsaw use (CS39), small-tree felling and processing (CS31), and aerial rescue (CS38) are all included.

We are one of Manchester’s most trusted tree surgeons because we always deliver our work to British Standards (3998:2010 and 5837:2012). Our work includes tree surgery, site clearance, and invasive weed management. Seeing as no two clients or environments are the same, we always customise our methods to meet the requirements of each project.

Residential and Commercial Tree Surgeons

To our residential clientele, Bark and Branch offer various tree surgery services. Tree felling, stump grinding, hedge trimming, and invasive weed removal are all examples of such maintenance. From removing a hazardous or inconvenient tree to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space, our skilled arborists cater to all tree surgery needs.

Local authorities, businesses and organisations in and around Manchester can rely on Bark and Branch for a wide range of commercial tree surgery and arboreal services, from large-scale forestry projects to routine and dependable tree pruning. Our commercial tree surgeons have extensive training to spot dangers like diseased or dying trees and take appropriate action.

Please get in touch with us to learn more about how we can meet your unique tree surgery requirements.

For more information, visit https://barkandbranch.co.uk

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