When A Background Check Is Conducted, What Information Is Revealed

Background Check

Hiring individuals and top talents can be challenging for any organization. It is much more difficult to find trustworthy employees by just observing the details they provide or listening to what they say. Sometimes people may lie to get a job or provide incorrect information for many other reasons.

Hence, as an employer, the priority is to ensure you find someone trustworthy, as this is one of the critical qualities needed for every job. But how do you determine credibility and trustworthiness? A background check can be essential for finding such information.

For sensitive jobs, failure to conduct a background check could have inevitable consequences, such as hiring fraud which can affect the company’s reputation or increase the liability fines. Therefore, you need to conduct an extensive background check.

The following part lists the information that a thorough background check can reveal.

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1.      Criminal records

Employers need a background check to ensure you meet all the employment qualifications federal regulations provide. The first requirement is never to employ a criminal. Even though you are allowed to apply for a job once you have a clearance from the justice department, the employer needs to know your previous criminal record, should there be any. Most employees may not reveal the details, nor will the employer ask directly hence the need for a background check.

The quality criminal history check will reveal your past conviction, the time you served behind bars, and whether you are cleared. It will also reveal the type of crime you committed, enabling the employer to decide whether to employ you or not.

Moreover, a background check will reveal acquitted and dismissed charges, felony convictions, misdemeanor convictions, current pending charges, and many more.

You also need to note that not all criminal charges will appear in the reports. The juvenile records do not show up in the background check due to federal protection; the criminal convictions will only appear after a certain age. The criminal history check is also critical for companies that have liability concerns.

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2.      Credit information

Some institutions consider credit reports as one of the essential issues when hiring. These organizations include federal authorities, the military, and other agencies. The credit report can reveal different details, including your bank accounts, credit from banks, or credit card services. The reports will also reveal any bankruptcies you have filed and any other delayed credit repayments. Besides, organizations that require employees who can safely handle money as part of their job description will also need a background check.

Therefore, if you aspire for jobs in federal services and other sensitive jobs, you must ensure that you have a good credit score and financial management skills.

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3.      Identity verification

The first detail revealed by the background check is identity verification. When conducting a background check, the first detail is the social security number, disclosing your identity details. The agency will screen you through the databases to ensure that the security number aligns with your details.

The identity verification can also reveal details like your past and present residence location. For instance, your home country’s details will be available if you are a legally registered immigrant. It can also reveal where you have been, such as previous work areas.

A thorough background check ensures the details in documents such as the driver’s license align with your social security number. Other details the check will reveal are your next of kin or other relations such as family background and spouse.

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4.      Driving record

If you plan to seek a job that involves driving or operating heavy machines and trucking activities, you should anticipate a background check. The employer will have to run a background check to identify your driving records. Other jobs such as school driving and city bus drivers will also consider the check to determine your driving background. The details will include the legitimacy of your driving license, any driving charges such as violations of traffic rules, and other records of previous accidents. Based on the details, the employer may decide to hire you or not.

5.      Work and education history

Sometimes employers need a background check to verify whether the details about your work history are accurate. Besides, they can also identify if you have the work experience and qualifications stated in your resume or the cover letter. Considering employees may lie to get a job, a background check will be necessary to reveal such details.

The results will give details about your previous employer. The agency can then contact your previous employer about your work ethic and the reasons for leaving the company. In addition, the details can be revealed based on your tax forms which can accurately indicate the duration you were employed.

The background check can also reveal your education history and details. The purpose is to confirm your highest education level and ensure the degree provided is legitimate and from the stated institution. Instead of solely relying on your transcripts and education certificates, some employers may do an education background check as a precautionary measure.


If you are an employer, there is more you could learn about the employee by conducting a background check. Sometimes it is necessary to ensure the details provided by the employee are legit. The checks are also necessary to ensure you abide by the compliance standards issued about employment. The background check will help you verify the employee’s identity, work, and academic history. It will also provide details on credit reports and driving records, which are essential for any recruiting party.

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