What’s Coming to Fortnite in the Next Update

What’s Coming to Fortnite in the Next Update

Fortnitemares is going into full swing

With two weeks left before Halloween, in-game events are ramping up. While events in other games might just be starting now Fortnite’sbegan on the first of October. Since then, the game has been releasing themed skins for Fortnite account holders in the Fortnite item shop. And while the next update may be a standard procedure, it still promises big changes to the game.

Everything New in Fortnite

Firstly, players will finally figure out what the deal is with the cubes. They’ve been gravitating toward the golden one with no hints of their goal. With just one being destructive, what would happen if they merged? Or are they trying to build a structure?

At any rate, there’s going to be a new point of interest there, for better or for worse. Leaks have been calling it Cube Town, but of course, it’s going to end up as something alliterative instead – as is the Fortnite way.

This season’s secret Battle Pass skin may also come with this update. The character is theorized to become an NPC at the new point of interest as well. For now, the skin is called The Cube Queen, though we don’t have any details on how it would look. Of course, the update also bringsnew challenges for Fortnite players to tackle, meaning more rewards are up for grabs. All this just sweetens the Fortnightmares pot.

Lastly, there’s something called the Horde Rush mode. It’s probably going to be a typical defend-a-location-against-waves-of-enemies mode. However, considering it’s Fortnite, it might end up like the Save the World version of the game. You will probably have to build a fort to assist in defense and then shoot down cube monsters or anomalies from the Sideways.

Whatever it ends up being, it’s going to be fun holiday special. This Limited-time Modewill certainly bringnew challenges and rewards.

Always Take Rumors With a Grain of Salt

While some leakers have a reputation for reliability, they still don’t get everything correct. The jist of the leaksmight be correct but the specifics can be hit-or-mess. It’s important not to take leaks as confirmations of anything. Things that are still being tested are prone to change prior to release, after all.

It’s up to you to decide whether to search for this type of information or not. There are ways that malicious leakers can hurt games. That’s why developers keep things under a tight seal. While some people like knowing things ahead of time, others enjoythe surprise.

These are the things to expect from the upcoming update of Fortnite: new modes, areas, skins, challenges, and rewards. There are only two weeks until Halloween, so don’t miss on the Fortnitemares event and all the exclusive stuff available only during this time. There’s also the option to buy Fortnite accounts for sale if you don’t have one, though sometimes starting from scratch can be good too. Read How to more score and goal in Rocket League here

Enjoy Fortnitemares, Halloween, and whatever festivities you get up to




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