What You Need to Know about Call Tracking Technologies

Call Tracking Technologies

Are you looking to grow your business? And you are trying to capitalize on the potential leads, but it is not working? Then it would be best if you tried a call tracking service. Call tracking services are a way to give you an idea about the calling sources.

When a customer calls your company, you should know how they heard about you. This is provided by business call tracking. This marketing strategy offers a reliable way to track phone calls through online and offline marketing efforts at a low cost.

How to define call tracking service?

Call tracking allows you to track marketing activities that lead to phone calls to your company. Each marketing channel you use, such as newsletters, offline ads, Google Ads, and so on, can be assigned a unique phone number. These numbers will route calls to your company. You’ll be capable of recording customer conversations and collecting detailed data on their calls.

In business, call tracking associates specific phone numbers with specific online and offline marketing campaigns. When a customer calls your company using one of these numbers, you can quickly determine which campaign prompted the call.

Furthermore, call tracking technology provides sales and marketing teams with a detailed overview of the phone call and the lead behind it. They can collect data such as how the ring ended, how the leader responded, and whether or not a conversion occurred.

What is custom call tracking?

Custom Call tracking enables you to proactively display a unique telephone number on a subdirectory of your website to web traffic coming from another URL that contains a subdirectory.

The Custom Call Tracking solution expands on Basic Call Tracking by permitting you to assign a unique phone number, a call flow, and an ad campaign to the Sales team. Potential customers who call that specific number are routed to your main number. Your call tracking technology records which unique number the caller dials to reach you, allowing you to associate them with a specific marketing effort easily.

Whereas Basic Call Tracking provides default tracking numbers for channels and attributes inbound calls through dynamic number insertion to your website to help monitor phone call volume and conversions segmented by channel.

What targets can be achieved through Call tracking solutions?

Various goals can be achieved by monitoring certain things, such as

·         Identify the sales channels that are generating the most phone calls. You might want to concentrate your marketing efforts more on these channels.

·         Identify qualified leads. Call recording software can record and analyze your customers’ calls. Based on this information, you can prioritize keeping a close eye on your best tips, improve your campaigns, and allocate more resources to what drives conversions.

·         Determine the keywords that lead to phone calls. You can give each set of keywords its own phone number. Determine which words entice the most customers and focus your campaigns on them.

·         Increase your marketing ROI. Call tracking allows you to identify the elements of your marketing strategy that are working well and those that need to be tweaked.

·         Establish areas for improvement. The information gathered through call tracking can be helpful in many departments within your company, not just your marketing team. Based on this data, you can determine which product features to improve, how to improve your demos, what to change in your content marketing strategy, and so on.

·         If you are willing to remove the sales gap between marketing, you can acquire a powerful lead management solution that will convert your sales efficiently.

Pros and cons of call tracking software


·         Call tracking allows you to attribute each lead to a specific marketing effort easily and assess each campaign’s effectiveness, even ones that do not benefit from conventional online analytics.

·         Call tracking reduces the number of leads that fall through the cracks by ensuring that every piece of lead is logged and tracked. Call tracking also ensures that leads obtained through phone calls rather than digital means are acknowledged.

·         It is affordable, so every business can quickly implement an effective call-tracking service without hesitation.

·         It provides you more control over the sales as every piece of information is at your fingertips.


·         If you use several unique numbers to track your online marketing efforts, Google may penalize your website for what it considers grey SEO techniques. Limit your online phone numbers to two and avoid using call tracking in your directory listings to communicate clearly with Google’s search bots.

·         If customers see too many numbers of your company, they may be confused about which number is fake and which is accurate.

Is it legal to use call tracking services?

Call tracking cannot be confused with call recording. It records the prospect’s phone number to track marketing efforts and sales techniques. As a result, call tracking is a legal practice that does not violate your customers’ privacy.

If you decide to record phone calls as a component of your call tracking process, you may need to take additional steps to notify the caller that their call is being recorded. Before incorporating call tracking or registering, consult a legal professional about your state and situation.


Call tracking technologies are beneficial for business growth because they give you exact data about the potential leads that can be converted into sales. So, please do not wait for your call tracking solution, as it is affordable and efficient.

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