What services do funeral services Singapore offer to Taoist funeral services?

In any civilization, the topic of bidding farewell to the departed is always loaded with religious issues. Particularly in the regions like Singapore, which is known to be the melting pot for several religions, funeral services and processions hold a significant place and importance. 

Death!  Nobody wants to talk about it. Living in Singapore, with other numerous religions and beliefs, funerals are held to relive and celebrate the life of the deceased rather than mourn over it. Death and dying, however, are inevitable aspects of life that we must all accept. Nobody wants to talk about death or even think about it, however understanding the process and options will make things easier to bid farewell to your loved ones. 

When we lose somebody we care about, it leaves a void in our lives. While each loved one leaves an indelible imprint on our hearts, many people believe it is also necessary to commemorate a life with a meaningful funeral service. 

Funeral services in Singapore irrespective of race, class, religion, and ethnicity assure you to provide quality services in all possible manners in difficult times.  

Singapore hosts a diverse range of rituals and festivities, including unique holidays, birth traditions, weddings, and, funeral services.  Anyone is welcome to attend a wake to pay their respects in any culture, but each faith has its own set of customs and rituals. 

Buddhism being the most popular religion in Singapore is followed by a major population and it largely impacts other religions residing together. Buddhism holds a significant impact over Taoism in rituals, practices, beliefs, and even funeral rites. This is primarily due to a lack of awareness and connection between influential Taoist religious leaders and younger generations, which is the reason that around 8.8% of the Singapore population are left with Taoist believers. 

While Buddhist funerals are more into celebrating the life of the deceased rather mourn over the demise, and arranging funeral services to pay tribute to the departed soul and pray for its successful transition into the new life. Taoists on the other hand, do believe in rebirth and reincarnation of the body, but their death philosophy revolves around the belief that every living body is occupied by spirits and monsters, and that when the spirit or monster leaves the body, the individual becomes ill and eventually dies. Taoism similar to Buddhism has diversity within the religion. 

As a result, there’s a slim chance you’ll be asked to attend a Taoist funeral. However, if you aren’t a Taoist follower learning about and gaining a greater knowledge of how Taoists approach and deal with death might be interesting, motivating, or even useful.

Taoism isn’t a centralized religion. It is divided into several sects, all of which share common ideas in diverse teachings. The burial ceremonies are also influenced by these ideas. In general, burial ceremonies fluctuate based on the deceased’s age and status.

Immortality is one of the core beliefs of Taoists. The Taoists’ belief in immortality does not imply that they do not believe in death; rather, immortality indicates that they had no desire for immortality in their physical bodies; rather, they believe that the human body is possessed by spirits and ghosts and that death is the only way to be free of the spirits. And by death, they undoubtedly mean a new life, the underworld, a rebirth free of all evil spirits, and possibly reincarnation.

Preparation of the body: After someone dies, their body is cleaned with a talcum powder-dusted moist towel. A family member is usually the one to accomplish this. After that, the deceased are dressed in their finest attire. Blue, black, brown, or white are appropriate colors for them to wear. Red should be avoided at all costs since it is the color of life and could cause the spirit to become a ghost.

A Blue cloth is wrapped around the body and a yellow cloth is draped over the face before it is placed in the casket. The satisfaction of the soul is thought to be linked to making the dead comfortable and ensuring the body remains in as good a condition as possible. 

Pre funeral: A pre-funeral ceremony is held with an altar. It has yin (tea) and yang (rice) symbols, as well as water, which represents the unification of Yin and Yang. There will also be two candles, one for the moonlight and the other for the light of wisdom, as well as a sacred lamp. The five elements are symbolized by incense and a tray containing white, black, green, yellow, and red fruit.

At the Funeral: The priest opens the funeral by chanting Taoist scripture. Mourners are encouraged to cry as loudly as possible throughout the funeral, with the eldest son nailing the casket shut. However, mourners must keep their backs to the casket because it is forbidden to observe it being sealed. The casket is then covered with yellow and white sheets and placed outdoors while further prayers are offered. A procession develops behind the hearse in order of status after the individual is loaded into the hearse. As the body is placed into the ground, mourners must turn aside once more.

Post Funeral: Following the burial, the family is expected to host a feast for the mourners. Some families limit the number of courses at this meal to the number seven, which is considered lucky. Following that, guests are given a red packet containing money, and everyone is required to burn their funeral clothing. The ceremonies do not end with the funeral; relatives are expected to grieve for 49 days, with seven-day prayers. 

In addition to the rituals done on the day of the funeral, the deceased’s family members observe specific restrictions and customs. Following the funeral, the deceased’s children and grandchildren are not allowed to clip their nails during the mourning period. Many Taoists believe in immortality. They use alchemists to conduct particular types of meditation to communicate with the dead.

Funeral Services Singapore offers you the opportunity to engage our Taoist Funeral Services to plan all the arrangements for a Taoist funeral. Our advisors hold years of experience arranging Taoist funerals all across Singapore and are well aware of all the customs practices, and rituals performed during the Taoist funeral services. 

That’s not all, though. Once the burial process is completed, our Taoist funeral service director will help with the planning of the funeral feast. You need to trust the funeral services Singapore for arranging and organizing the best possible farewell to your loved one.  

It can be difficult to locate a funeral home in Singapore that also provides Taoist services. You need not worry about it because Ang Brothers Funeral Services Singapore is just one call away. Not only do we provide Taoist funeral services, but our dedicated and professional crew is also well-versed in funeral procedures and Taoist traditions.

With over 40 years of experience in the field, you can rely on funeral services in Singapore to provide high-quality services with compassion and respect. Let us assist you with your funeral arrangements. We take satisfaction in offering quality and meaningful funeral services to many bereaved families.

With all of the funeral rites completed and well-cared of, Funeral Services Singapore guarantees to give the best services in town while taking into account all of your concerns. In addition, the Singapore Funeral Services Company offers the most reasonable and affordable funeral packages, as well as reliable and trusted services.

We believe that everyone deserves a respectful and dignified send-off, thus our pricing is designed to be accessible to everybody. Our regular Taoist Funeral Package is $7,500 for a three-day funeral wake on HDB void decks. Our funeral director will walk you through the entire process, making sure you have everything you need for a respectable funeral ceremony. We’ll make sure that, while the service is basic, it satisfies all of the standards for a proper Taoist funeral. 

Various groups may require different Taoist funeral rituals, depending on the ethnicity and origins of our clients; it can be performed using Hokkien, Teo chew, Cantonese, Hainanese, or Hakka burial rites. Singapore Funeral Services Singapore is well aware of these requirements and circumstances, and we have a wealth of knowledge collected over the years, so we can provide our Singapore Chinese Taoist clients with the most acceptable and appropriate Taoist funeral package.

Moreover, Taoist Funeral packages cover everything from transporting the body to the morgue or cremation center to premium arrangements made at the wake, paying monks to chant prayers to providing all basic needs like catering, food, and mobile toilets all with no additional or hidden charges.

There’s nothing more you’ll have to worry about with our assured high-quality services and reasonable pricing; we’ll take care of everything.

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