What Products and Services Does Salesforce Offer To Its Customers?


Undoubtedly, the world’s leading CRM does not need any introduction. Salesforce is a Software as a Service (SaaS) software that doesn’t need lengthy installation procedures or any server. Initially, Salesforce offered only two products in 2012, Sales & Service Cloud. Moving ahead, Salesforce has a wide range of products, with the aim of improving your business and assisting companies in building stronger relationships with their customers.

You can automate workflows with the help of Salesforce forms. And surprisingly you don’t need to learn coding language for creating Salesforce forms. Salesforce forms are also used to protect your data with multiple security features such as captcha, data encryption techniques. Salesforce, the world’s dominant cloud-based CRM solution, has seen magnificent growth for years, due to its extraordinary products and services that include Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Experience Cloud, Analytics Cloud.  It is a complete package for every business, thanks to its cost-effective CRM solution, its compatibility with all internet-connected devices, and its customization characteristics. In this article, we will blow the lid off the Salesforce products. We will get into the nittly gritty of each and every product, its uses, and benefits. Continue reading to learn more.

Salesforce Products

It is a revolutionary software that has transformed the world by running its services entirely on the cloud. Salesforce serves all the companies whether small or large. For companies varying from Small Businesses to Large Businesses, Salesforce CRM software is the most widely used software.  Salesforce cloud computing software offers a wide range of products to every Business. 

Salesforce helps every business by effectively performing its market operations and increasing its sales. Businesses get success only if they have better customer service. Salesforce software guides businesses in developing relationships with customers through its CRM solution. It enables businesses to effectively deal with customers and tell them how they can achieve customer satisfaction. These products include Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Experience Cloud, Analytics Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Integration Cloud.  Salesforce offers its effective products, a solution to all the business problems that come in a single package and that is Salesforce. Let’s take a bird’s eye view of every product.

1. Sales Cloud

The Sales Cloud is a CRM software that carefully manages your company’s sales, marketing, and customer service. If your company deals with Business-to-Business or Business-to-Customer transactions, then sales cloud is ideal for you. Sales Cloud is one of the most renowned and most widely used CRM tools that teaches businesses to sell their products and services to customers innovatively. Sales Cloud helps in picking out the target customers to sell them products. It also assists companies in managing their target customers. 

Do you know what a customer needs? When he buys something, he noticed the company’s behavior. A company that has good customer service wins more customers. When a customer gets his desired product and satisfies with the product and customer service, he becomes loyal to the company. Sales Cloud attracts customers by offering them customized products according to their needs and requirements. Salesforce makes use of its most effective strategies of building relationships with potential customers by delivering them customized products. Customers get a good experience of shopping for their customized products. This strategy helps in bringing more customers. Consequently, a company meets its sales goals. 

2. Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud provides the best customer service application. It lets organizations provide good customer service to customers at any time and from any location. Services clouds enables companies to deliver customer assistance through different platforms such as live chat, phone, and email. It will attract customers to stay connected with the company. When Salesforce company is providing its Service Cloud, then there is no need to worry about handling customer cases or problems. Businesses can quickly handle all customer cases with the use of Salesforce Service Cloud.

3. Community Cloud

Salesforce Community Cloud is an excellent product for creating a community for everything connected to your business. It helps you to connect with suppliers, vendors, agencies, and others in addition to the team members of your business, customers, and workers.Communit cloud also aids in improving communication skills and making it easy to exchange data and information. It helps your company’s consumers to easily discover solutions to their questions.

4. Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein assists in finding huge data from different resources. It analyzes gathered information and identifies useful data. Among the competitors, Salesforce Einstein provides a lot of benefits to sales managers. Salesforce Einstein helps in automating the tasks of sales managers and empowers them to make energetic decisions for increasing sales and generating gigantic profits for your business.

5. Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud has come out as the most appropriate solution for Business-to-business and Business-to-customer companies. Business-to-business companies are those in which the buying customer is a company or a business but, in the Business-to-customer companies, a company sells its products directly to the consumers. The platform helps businesses efficiently improve consumer happiness by providing unified and smart purchasing experiences. It aids in customizing the products according to customer needs and providing them with the best possible service. 

6. App Cloud

App Cloud is very essential Salesforce tool that may help organizations. It combines the features of desktop apps with online applications. The desktop app is located on a single device at the user’s place, but the web application is found on remote servers. It contributes to increasing the company’s performance and efficiency. 

7. Marketing Cloud

The marketing cloud gives you access to one of the most effective digital marketing networks throughout the world. It may be used by your company’s marketers to manage the customer data.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud compiles data from many sources to give you a detailed view of your target consumers. The Marketing Cloud has been specifically developed to allow marketers to convey the correct message to the right customers at the right time.

It aids in the establishment of individualized and one-to-one contact with consumers, resulting in increased customer engagement and ROI. Salesforce Marketing Cloud makes it simple to develop positive customer relationships and interact successfully.

7. Analytics Cloud

Analytics Cloud is another popular Salesforce offering. It enables organizations to do analyze data in the private or public cloud. It improves data availability and accessibility for your company. Cloud analytics performs data analysis in such a way that any data analytics or business intelligence procedure is carried out with a cloud service provider. Salesforce Analytics Cloud is a well-known business intelligence platform that assists medium and large-scale businesses to grow and efficiently examine and analyze data. It is a reliable and secure cloud-based software. The data representations are also mobile-friendly, allowing you to access and use information even on the go.

What We Can Conclude?

As we have discussed above that Salesforce products are designed for every type of business irrespective of the size of the business. Obviously, every business has its own requirements. But, Salesforce enables you to select the Salesforce product that aligns with your business needs depending upon the type, size, and use-cases of your business. You can build Salesforce forms to save your data. Even you can also update a contact in salesforce forms. This is true that leveraging the Salesforce product would definitely help in improving your business performance and efficiency, or increasing ROI (return on investment). 

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