What Makes GIIS Stand-Out from Other Schools in Hadapsar, Pune?


Pune is one of the most vibrant cities in India. It was previously known as Poona and is the second most advanced IT centre in India. The city is also one of the most significant educational resources in the country. 

Most of the schools in Pune are affiliates of the top leading boards of India. These include ICSE, CBSE, Higher Secondary Education Board, Maharashtra Board, etc. The CBSE curriculum is far more widespread than most curriculums used by schools in Hadapsar.

If you’re searching for the best Indian city to live in and educate your child, the city of Pune might be the place for you. And before you even ask GIIS the best and the most favourite option for both students and parents.

  • So, Why GIIS?

GIIS stands for Global Indian International School. It is one of the CBSE schools in Hadapsar. As the name suggests, GIIS provides international education. It is famous for welcoming students from all walks of life across the globe and its academic excellence. Every GIIS student has an equal chance to get a quality education and become a global citizen. The institution does not entertain any form of favoritism or discrimination.

In short, GIIS is simply the best.

Read on to the end to find out why.

GIIS is Future-Oriented

The world is changing fast, posing new challenges by the day. Now more than ever before, survival is for the fittest. Things are not about to change any time soon, so people have no other choice but to adapt to the situation. As such, parents are constantly searching for future-oriented schools to help prepare their children for the tough times ahead. That is the point where GIIS comes into play.

GIIS relies on technology, systematic planning, and applying innovative ideas to maintain relevance in the education they provide.

GIIS is Accessible

The primary focus for GIIS is to provide quality education to its students. And to demonstrate that, most schools in Pune have significantly lowered their fees to make education more affordable. Some others have offered discounts to parents for early admissions.

Apart from that, GIIS also provides a scholarship for school students to make international schooling more accessible to the needy. They have a wide range of opportunities which include

  • GIIS Global Sports Scholarship
  • Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship
  • Global Citizenship Scholarship
  • Mahatma Gandhi Universal Values Merit-cum-Means Scholarship
  • 9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship and many more.


GIIS is Always a Step Ahead

If there is one thing the pandemic has taught us is the importance of planning ahead. Surprises can be very costly, and we all can attest to that.

When the world went into lockdown around march 2020, schools had to switch from in-person to virtual schooling to continue with their learning. Unfortunately, most of them were caught by surprise, making it very hard to comply.

But GIIS has a different story to tell. Like everyone else, they had no prior warning about the pandemic, but somehow, they were ready for it. Their forward-thinking idea had everything to do with it.

The journey began in 2014 when they decided to embrace technology and digitalize their classrooms. Little did they know that this was what would save them from a big disaster in less than a decade to come. By the time the outbreak came, virtual learning was already active at GIIS, making it easier to adapt to the new situation.

While other schools struggled with the lockdown, GIIS only took about 1 Week to switch to virtual learning.


GIIS provides everything you need from a school and more.

  • It is affordable
  • Has quality education
  • It is future-ready

Where else would you find such a school with so much potential?

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