What Is The News Spy Trading Robot, And How Does It Work?


The News Spy Trading Robot is a trading tool used in the cryptocurrency market to earn profit. It is an automated trading robot designed to crawl all relevant cryptocurrency sources in the market to find historical and current trading data useful in conducting profitable trades. The automated system uses computing technologies like natural language processing to gather needed information, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to interpret charts and draw broader insights.

According to the result of a series of evaluations, the speed of this fantastic trading tool is 0.01 seconds faster than the conventional crypto market speed. And this is greatly responsible for the high profitability the trading app continues to record in the market. Also, the incorporated technologies help it swiftly process all trading signals it gathers and make them readily available to traders who need it, thanks to their pretty fast processing capability.

So, it is no surprise this trading app is one of the best trading robots on BitConnect. It embodies all that a trader can ever wish for in a trading tool. It has a simple interface with all options well-laid out. And its embedded features work as expected. So, how does the system work, and how do you join this trading platform?

How does it work?

Anyone who takes the time to assess this system will have the opportunity to profit, thanks to the robust algorithm that operates it. The News Spy Trading Robot bases its operation on a powerful mathematical algorithm, which applies the most effective margin trading strategies to operate in the cryptocurrency markets.

The algorithm applies all the knowledge of a typical seasoned trader. But instead of just making one trade per minute like a pro would, you can open more transactions per second!

This means that users do not get large amounts of individual trades but many small sums that lead to a high daily profit at the end of the day.

Joining The News Spy Trading Robot

Getting started with this trading robot is more straightforward than many prospective traders envisage. The steps include registration, verification, deposit, practicing in the demo section, and finally going live to enter trades.

1. Register

It would be best to visit the homepage to register as a trader on this platform. Once you are there, locate the signup form and complete it. Your details like name, mobile contact, and email are all you get to submit in the form. After completing all sections on the signup form, recheck to confirm all details are correctly stated and then submit. Wait for a confirmation email sent to the email address you submitted. Follow the link to verify your account, and you are good to go!

2. Fund account

Your newly created account will still be ineligible for live trading actions because there is no fund to transact. You can continue to use your account in the demo mode until you are ready to fund it. To make a deposit, choose one of the payment methods from the drop-down menus. It should take a few minutes for the amount to reflect on your trading account, depending on the type of option you choose and your local bank operation.

3. Practice in the demo section

The demo section is the first account you can use for trading. It comes with virtual funds, making dummy trades, and learning new tactics. Note that any gain or loss in this section does not influence your live trading account.

4. Start trading

After spending quality time in the demo section, it is time to start earning with your money. On this platform, you can do trading in two ways. It can either be automated or manually done. To automate your trade, you need to set the trading parameters or conditions and let the bot do its work. But if you want to trade manually, you may allow the robot to perform all analyses and compare with yours before setting up your trade personally.

5. Withdraw your profits appropriately

One attractive attribute of this platform is that you will have access to your fund immediately after the trade ends. This process can also be either automated or manually done. Whenever the robot receives the order to initiate a withdrawal, it immediately kicks into action and correctly executes the order. The exact amount gets sent to the local bank account you submitted during registration. And the whole process should take just under 24 hours.


The designers of this software assure everyone that no other trading tool can be as effective. The News Spy Trading Robot comes highly recommended as a trading platform because of its speed, automation, and total safety against cyberattacks. 

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