What is the Difference between Wrike Pricing Vs Airtable Cost?

Budgeting is a primary factor for any business. It comes to be under a significant decision-making aspect where you tend to form your choices. So when you’re choosing a project management software, never undermine its importance. You should never exceed the limit as it can turn things up and down for you.

So most of the time, when businesses go into the market to pick software for project management, they get confused about which one to pick. Firstly, there are so many options. So people commit the mistake that the highly costed software, the more efficient it would be. But things are otherwise. The thing which matters the most is which software meets your needs. If a project tracking software under your budget fulfills all your requirements, you must go for that.

For this time, we bring a comparison for you between two leading and well-known project management software: Wrike and Airtable. It will be wrike pricing vs. airtable cost review where we will shed light on some of their important aspect, which distinguishes them from each other under their cost.

Wrike Pricing Vs. Airtable Cost:

Airtable Cost:

Because it has a free plan, Airtable software might be the ideal project management software for starters. However, the free plan must not meet all of your business’s demands and objectives.

Following are some of the software’s intriguing price packages to give you a good idea.

The free plan comes with a database of over 1,200 entries and 2GB of files. If any of your locations exceeds these limits, you’ll need to subscribe to a premium plan to gain more space.

Airtable plus plan brings you a $12 per month module, where you can obtain an Airtable Plus plan. Alternatively, you may receive it for $10 per user per year if you sign up for the yearly rate plan.

The Pro plan costs $24 per month or $20 for an annual subscription. It allows access to numerous apps, increased record storage, automated features, Airtable Sync, and other capabilities, among the outstanding benefits this Pro Plan provides. All of this is done to simplify the task.

The Enterprise plan is designed for large enterprises that want to get the most out of their software. You should ask the vendor directly if your business is keen on this plan and if this plan meets your needs.

Wrike Pricing:

Wrike project management offers a variety of options, whether you require a simple task system, a full stage with extensive monitoring and management, or somewhere in between.

Wrike’s pricing plans are as follows:

The free plan is suitable for small teams; a free solution for easy task suitability is available.

A professional plan allows users who require comprehensive project management and communication will benefit from this package. It is available for $9.80 per month.

A business plan is for up to 200 users. It means a big crew. This plan offers the ultimate tools for effective management control. It allows for personalization as well as executive reports. You may purchase it for $24.80 per month.

The Marketers plan is the most comprehensive, providing unique capabilities for marketers and creatives. The cost of the plan is $34.60 per month.

However, if you need a customizable plan, you can get all you demand from bigger organizations to personalize it according to your needs with the Enterprise plan. You should contact the vendor to get the quote. 

Airtable Benefits:

Custom View:

You’ll see that the custom views for each database are varied. You can hide some fields or records from view. Alternatively, you can customize and evaluate the data under this display using additional settings.

Each layout will have its own set of choices for concealing, filtering, and selecting rows from the table. One of the best features of this software is that it permits you to develop your unique Airtable views.

Substantial File Storage:

You may store huge attachments in a company’s database using Airtable software. This program has storage capacities spanning from 2GB to 1TB. However, it may only be accessible at particular price points.

You can save your project documentation in Airtable Base in this manner without worrying about RAM. Files in multiple formats are supported by the Airtable app, featuring pictures and videos, documents in Pdf file format, and spreadsheets with CSV file compatibility.

Easy Task Management:

Airtable simplifies adding task data and monitoring task management. For example, with the Airtable workstation, you may record how much time one spends on a task on a table. You’ll better understand the state of your task if you get manual software up to date.

The best aspect is sharing or accessing calendar entries with your colleagues. You can all establish and maintain project timelines this way. Finally, these job lists are ideal for greater adaptability. This functionality of the Airtable program helps you to keep track of all of your activities.

Wrike Plus Points:

Seamless Automation:

With the Wrike, an automation feature is available in Airtable, but it’s better known in Wrike functionalities. You may also utilize an automated function to manage workflows with Wrike. According to a Wrike review, this function allows your teams to spend less time on monotonous chores. So, if you’re looking for a way to automate the project approval procedure, this tool will be suitable.

Organize More Swiftly:

Wrike includes useful technologies to facilitate your workload, including tools for planning and allocating resources when assigning assignments. It gives your team everything they need to operate on strategic projects and priorities.

There are many views available, including checklists, whiteboards, tables, timeframes, schedules, and more. This system also offers live and configurable Gantt charts that enable project leaders to see constraints and key pathways in real-time.

Single Workhub:

The Wrike demo demonstrated how this system allows you to gather all of the information you’ll need to accomplish your task in one spot. You won’t have to utilize any other software. You might also forget to start another application on a different platform.

All massive building components in Wrike may be broken down into manageable, allowing you to connect files and specify deadlines. Any activity can be added to numerous categories or projects. The software makes creating any combinations of folder hierarchies, such as tasks, folders, projects, and subprojects, much easier.

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