What is Pitra Dosha: Effects and Remedies

Pitra Dosha

Pitra Dosh is generally called a curse of forefathers but, in actual terms, is the karmic debt of your ancestors. This karmic debt is not always auspicious and may result in severe, troubling conditions. This Dosha is generally reflected in your Kundli as a malefic planetary condition. And if such a dosh is reflected in your Kundli, then you are bound to bear the consequences of Kundlin Dosh. 

As per live astrology, Pitra Dosh is reflected in a person’s horoscope f tier ancestors have committed a sin in their life. By way of Kundli Dosh, a person with Kundli Dosh is held accountable for the wrongdoings of their forefather’s past karmas. They have to serve the punishments for their deeds by undergoing serious troubles in their present life. Here are some of the impacts of Pitra Dosh that you may experience. And if you haven’t detected a pitra dosh, these may act as symptoms for you! 

Effects of Pitra Dosh 

  • There will be no child or male child to go on in the generation of the family.
  • A person affected by Pitra Dosh may have to face frequent abortions.
  • There may be difficulty in finding a partner for the native.
  • The native may show a lack of interest in business/ profession/education even though they are completely qualified to have a successful career.
  • Even if a child is born in the family, they are highly likely to be physically or mentally abnormal.
  • The native may be surrounded by health or hygiene issues with themselves or in their surroundings.
  • Lack of money and happiness may always revolve around the family of the native. They may not find any in getting prosperity in whatever they do.
  • If the whole family is affected by Pitra Dosha, then the house may be surrounded by diseases, financial problems, and physical and emotional instability. 
  • The affected family will have a husband and wife arguing all the time, and smaller issues may lead to bigger problems. 
  • Any member of the affected family may have dreams about snakes or their ancestors demanding clothes and food from them.
  • The native may lose his reputation in society, and in severe cases, it may also lead the native to serve in prison. 
  • A long-standing Pitra Dosh in Kundli may also lead to unnatural deaths by way of suicides/ accidents/murders/ accidents and other terrifying scenarios. 

Now that you know of all the effects of Pitra Dosh, you might be wondering about how to undo the effects. The answer lies in astrology; the effects of Pitra Dosh can be reversed if you follow the remedies suggested by your Astrologer. It is generally suggested to talk to Astrologer once your Kundli ever detects a Pitra Dosh. An astrologer may analyse your Kundli and provide you with valuable insights into the remedies.

Remedies For Pitra Dosh 

As per live astrology, there are many general remedies that may work to undo the severe impacts of Pitra Dosh. These are:

  • The native should focus on social or charitable services and feed brahmins, animals and the poor.
  • The native should donate money and red clothes to Brahmins and perform Pitra Tarpan pooja on Sunday ( generally on Sankranti or Amavasya).
  • The Pitra Dosh nivaran pooja is to be performed, which will include Tripandi Shradh and Pitra Visarjan. 
  • The nivaran pooja is to be performed with utmost faith and sincerity to pay respect to their forefathers.
  • The native should offer water to his/her Pitras for a duration of 15 days of Shradh or on the date of their death.
  • It is recommended to worship “Lord Vishnu” as all the dead souls are believed to be merged into him and will be blessed with Mukti.
  • Sometimes it is also suggested to the affected family to take responsibility for the marriage of a poor girl to please their ancestors.
  • One should also take a vow to always serve their parents and ancestors. This will help them to please their ancestors.

Summing up

Pitra Dosh is the karmic debt of the ancestors from their past life deeds. The presence of Pitra Dosh in a Kundli reflects the malefic planetary faults in the position. People with Pitra Dosh in their Kundli are held accountable for the wrongdoings of their ancestors. Such a dosh makes it difficult for the natives to live a successful and peaceful life. 

The effects of Pitra dosh may lead to zeros success in personal and professional lives. The impacts may even lead to wrongful death in the family of the native. The only way to undo the impacts is to consult an astrologer and perform all the Pitra Dosh Nivaran Pooja. The native must also indulge in social services to the needy people of the society. 

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