What is Pay-Tv, and How Do You Get it in Australia?

What is Pay-Tv, and How Do You Get it in Australia?

Do you like binge-watching your favorite TV series and movies? If you live in Australia, you should know how Pay TV works. Let’s see what the leading Pay TV providers in Australia are.

Pay-TV is a subscription to entertainment services via analog cable, digital cable, or satellite in Australia. However, it has been a few years since Pay TV has narrowed down the choices for the number of channels they provide. Therefore, Pay TV has become a premium entertainment service that needs subscriptions and packages.

How is pay-TV a unique service?

In Australia, pay-TV works as a unique entertainment-based service. Or you can also call it a channel-based service. In the same way, different providers or Pay-TV companies offer a unique set of packages/channels to promote their cable services.

Furthermore, Pay TV Australia is unique in its selection of content. So, it is fair to say that they pay close attention to what they offer as channels rather than who is watching the content. In other words, a subscription is more substantial than the number of subscribers.  

Compared to the subscription world, Pay TV also offers entertainment channels if you want to watch TV like old days. They provide many choices in channels that include popular TV shows and exciting gaming programs. The one exception here is that the viewers have to subscribe to the popular TV shows to watch them exclusively.

 How to get Pay TV in Australia?

The good news is that now we don’t have to wait for our favorite shows to be telecast completely. Thanks to a Pay TV subscription that allows you to watch the episodes live on Netflix, Disney, Etc. That is why the experience of Aussie viewers has improved in the past few years after Pay TV.

Let’s see what you have to do to get Pay TV in Australia:


Find a reliable Pay TV provider.


Compare your options and subscribe to a Pay-TV provider.

Step# 3

Try to get free trials or subscribe to a one-month Pay-TV contract.


Check the picture quality, streaming, number of channels, and the cost of a premium channel subscription.  

Step# 5

Now pay for the digital box or satellite dish, whatever suits your home setup and budget.


Check out Pay-TV bundles and broadband plans that involve several streaming options. Compare their prices and pick the one that offers advanced features like online streaming.

Now you know what to do to subscribe to Pay TV Australia. Here is the list of leading Pay TV providers and their base prices.

  1. Foxtel
  2. Fetch
  3. Telstra  

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Foxtel’s Entertainment channel package includes over 50 channels and costs $49 a month. Additional charges for extra packages, such as sports or movies, fall between $5 to $25.

Foxtel’s traditional paid services also include a set-top box. Foxtel IQ is a central hub for recording, watching, and paying for programming.


A Fetch subscription includes:

  • a set-top box,
  • catch-up TV apps (9Now, SBS on Demand, and others),
  • streaming apps, and
  • a TV/movie store.

Those seeking premium channels can pick up Fetch channel packs for $6 each or grab the ultimate bundle for $20 per month. They also offer specialty channels.

Furthermore, Fetch with Optus will get you a bonus sports bundle to stream international matches.


The streaming service is Telstra’s first venture into streaming hardware. You can watch streaming services like Netflix and Stan (if you already subscribe to these) and catch-up television services like 9Now and 7Plus with this set-top box.


That’s a wrap! It is how Pay TV works in Australia. You do not necessarily have to sign a contract with your provider. One subscription will likely last for one month. However, you can compare the broadband plans and bundles and select the number of channels you would like. Fetch, Foxtel and Telstra are the leading Pay TV providers in Australia. So, binge-watch your favorite TV show on Netflix and more.  

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