What is Map Policy? Why is it Important?

What is Map Policy

If you wish to promote your brand you better opt for the map policy if you haven’t yet.

Online marketing has made it slightly challenging for brands to make their way efficiently to individual subjects. Well, for creatine and effective MAP policy you should consider having complete knowledge about it. That is exactly what we are going to make you familiar with.

Getting to know Map Policy

Brands or companies usually opt for a map policy in order to outline the minimum price for retailers to advertise or market the product. MAP stands for Minimum Advertised Price. Setting this price helps retailers draw an idea about the success or profit they can make by advertising certain brands.

Map policy is both crucial and beneficial for retailers because it makes sure an even competing place for retailers. It also ensures the product you are planning to market, doesn’t lose its worth due to current economic situations.

The retailers become obliged by the law. Therefore, if retailers advertise the product below the minimum price, the brand has the authority to restrict the retailers from any future sales. Adhering to the map price is the best policy Business owners can opt for building a trustworthy relationship

Importance of Map Policy for Brands

Now that you’ve become familiar with map policy, the next step is to make you realize the importance of map policy. While you maybe are taking care of other things, map policy may be the only thing holding your brand from success.

  1. Generates Sales Channel

Brands can ensure an increase in the number of sellers and channels by protecting the margins of third-party retailers. Map Policy makes sure that all the retailers are selling products at the same price. The well-reputed retailer tends to work more with the brands that have a map policy.

The product will generate more sales if it is available on more sales channels. To ensure success, you should fix the map price of your product in accordance with the life cycle of the product. Even if you are launching the new generation products, and ignore the adjusting previous generation product, your retailer has to suffer. And that is not a good thing.

  1. Brand Protection

The name or reputation of your company is what matters the most when it comes to making success. In this regard, Map Policy plays an important role. Without map policy, the retailers may sell the product at a low price, just to end the stock quickly. Some sellers may sell the product even at loss, just to win the competition among retailers.

They do so, to earn positive reviews. That is good for them, but it is definitely not good for the brand. The customer would start devaluing the product. It can shatter the whole image of the product in the market. Therefore, the best strategy that you can opt for, is to set the minimum advertised price for your product. This way, the retailer becomes restricted.

  1. Performance Analysis

When all the retailers or sellers abide by the law to sell the product at a certain rate, the brand gets a better idea about the success they are making. Weak and strong areas can be identified clearly. You get a clear insight into marketing successes, consumer behavior, retailer performance, and targeting mistakes.

The analysis that you draw in that case, can be used in making better plans and strategies. You cannot expect to succeed with one plan for a lifetime. Your plan of whatever sort needs adaptation and altering as per the current market requirements. 

  1. Retailers Protection

Introducing a map policy is likely to work in the favor of retailers and resellers. For instance, if one retailer cuts the price of the product, others are forced to do the same because of the competition. That race can be eliminated by imposing a map policy. The brand gets an upper hand over retailers.

Map policy helps in establishing a trustworthy relationship between brands and retailers. The well-reputed retailers tend to work more with the brands that have a map policy.

Final Thoughts

We have had a detailed discussion about map policy and its importance. Map policy is an equally important strategy as other business strategies are. If you are worried about your brand’s reputation because till now you were not aware of the map policy, you can consult Channel Precision. It has proved to be a successful platform in optimizing the reputation of brands.

There are many big names in the market who are using price monitoring software to keep the record of a wider product portfolio. You can use these software to compare your pricing strategy with others, track price leaders, analyze the impact of price on conversion, and much more. 

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