What is Fleet Washing and How Can It Help Your Trucking Business?

Fleet Washing

The concept of fleet washing is definitely not a complicated one. Basically, fleet washing involves paying someone else to wash your rigs instead of having your truck drivers and employees do it.

A good fleet washing company will offer you a wide range of services to match your trucking business’s unique needs, including detailed cleaning of the exteriors and interiors of your trucks.

It probably goes without saying, but seeking the services of a professional fleet washing company is convenient. Not only that but outsourcing your cleaning efforts can highly benefit your company as well!

Ready to learn more? Keep reading to find out how fleet washing works and how it can help your trucking business:

How Does Fleet Washing Work?

Fleet cleaning services will offer maintenance rinses for when a thorough cleaning job isn’t necessary bu a spray-down rinse will do the trick.

If your rigs need a more dire clean to remove debris and road grime, maintenance washes are also available. These include a thorough rinsing of the truck and brush-washing using biodegradable and commercial-grade soaps that will not damage the truck’s finish.

This type of wash also includes scrubbing the wheels and tires as well as a final rinse to make sure all of the soap is washed off.

Professional fleet washing services and power wash services often offer detailing services that involve using a degreasing agent, spraying the frame rails, applying a tire finish, and hand drying the vehicle to provide a spot-free shine.

When fleet owners seek the services of a commercial fleet washing company, their trucks can be put on a washing schedule to ensure that maintenance rinses, maintenance washes, and detailing are done on a regular basis.

While this all sounds great, why should fleet owners invest in the cost of having professional washing services take care of their trucks?

Let’s look at the benefits of fleet washing for your trucking business:

How Can Fleet Washing Benefit My Trucking Business?

1. It Improves the Safety of Your Trucks

Between mud, grease, road grime, asphalt, and other materials that can collect on your trust, there is a lot of dirt that can accumulate on a truck out on the open road.

All of that grime and mud can impede the effectiveness of your driver’s windshield and headlights.

It’s no secret that a clean truck and a safe truck. Keeping your fleet regularly washed will help to keep your drivers safe.

2. It Ensures the Health of Your Drivers

Speaking of your drivers, not only do you want to keep them safe but you want to keep them healthy too!

Fleet cleaning can help ensure the health of your drivers by ensuring the inside of the truck is clean – this includes removing harmful dust to prevent respiratory issues and illness.

3. It Improves Your Brand Image

Your trucks are driving advertisements for your business and professional cleaning can help your brand look its best.

You don’t want dirt and grime to make your image look bad! Having your fleet washed regularly will ensure that your brand always looks sleek and professional.

4. It Helps With Driver Retention

Truck drivers aren’t in it just for the money – they want comfort and job satisfaction, too.

When you keep your fleet clean and in tip-top shape, your drivers will appreciate their clean vehicles and are less likely to leave the job in search of something else.

5. It Lowers Maintenance Costs

When you keep your fleet regularly cleaned, you lower your maintenance costs by keeping grime and salt from damaging the mechanics of your trucks.

Professional fleet washing can eliminate potentially damaging materials and prevent mechanical issues from happening.

6. It Saves You Time and Money!

Your first thought when it comes to hiring professional fleet washers to take care of your rigs is probably the extra cost.

However, despite having to pay for professional cleaning, did you know that fleet washing can actually save you money?

When you choose to outsource your fleet washing, you are saving money on a number of things:

  • Washing equipment (and its maintenance)
  • Cost of water and wastewater recovery
  • Detergents
  • Specialized soaps

You’ll also save time on your payroll since you won’t have to worry about paying your own employees and drivers to get the job done.

Plus, when you hire a professional, they are efficient in what they do and can get the job done quickly!

Ready for a Clean Fleet?

Are you ready to offload the time-consuming task of ensuring your fleet vehicles are safe and clean? Local businesses offer professional fleet cleaning services and are one search away online.

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