What Is Basic Hair Care?

Taking care of your hair is just as important as your skin and is something you should not avoid. When you have good hair, you gain a lot of confidence as you know you look good. You create a great image, and your personality looks good as well. 

Remember, the first impression is the last impression, and having good hair is a part of looking good. People who do not follow a hair care routine suffer from hair damage, hair loss, rough hair, dandruff, rough hair, and so much more. I am not suggesting that you should have a very advanced hair care routine; however, you should start from the basics if you are new to this. Trust me, the entire thing is not hard at all, and once you get the hang of it, you will realize that it is so easy yet so beneficial. 

I, myself, do not really follow an advanced hair care routine. I go for the basics, and they have made such a huge difference to how my hair looks now. If you also want amazing hair, then have a look down below at some of the basic hair care tips you must follow! 

Cleansing and Conditioning

Cleansing is basically a routine that involves getting rid of dead skin, product residue, and related stuff from your scalp without actually stripping the hair of the natural oils it comes packed with. 

If you do not wash your hair well, the sebum is going to build up, which is ultimately going to lead to oily hair. Apart from this, conditioning your hair is just as important. There are many conditioners out there that come with so many benefits for your hair. They not only moisturize your hair but also detangle it, remove frizz, shininess, and so much more. 

You must apply a conditioner every time you wash your hair. When your hair is wet, the conditioner is going to stick to it, which ultimately coats the strands in order to replenish the moisture that the shampoo might have removed. 

In order to cleanse your hair, you need to use a good shampoo. Make sure it is sulfate-free since sulfate tends to add frizz to your hair which is a no-no. You should try out JuvaBun’s shampoo, which is a treat for your hair. The shampoo is so amazing that I have been using it for months now, and I do not want to try out another one.

Apart from this, you should also use a deep working shampoo in order to get rid of the build-up from your hair. However, make sure to use it once a month only since it removes natural oils. 

Moving on, you should also use a rinse-out conditioner for your hair. It will protect your hair, give it shine, and make it look quite silky as well. Apart from rinsing out conditioners, try using leave-in conditioners as well. Apply them to your hair but do not rinse them out. This provides nourishment to your hair. Deep conditioners should be used as well for hydration which is a must for your hair. 

Say No To Heat 

Another thing you need to do is to stop using heat on your poor hair. I do understand that it is okay to use it every once in a while but not frequently, as that is only going to ruin the hair. Instead, use hair extensions such as the ones by JuvaBun that come in different designs and have top-notch quality.

Detangle Your Hair 

This is something most of us ignore but do not realize how important it is for our hair. Detangling is a must in order to stop hair breakage. Use a wide-tooth comb to do this, and remember not to pull out the hair. The frequency of detangling your hair depends on your hair type. 

Other ways to take care of your hair include moisturizing your hair, applying serums to it, and getting different treatments. You should also get good sleep and stay stress-free for good hair. Remember, all the tips mentioned above are highly important and are a part of every basic hair care routine, so make sure to follow all of them.

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