What Is A Hydra Facial? What Is The Hydra Facial Kit Price In Pakistan?

Hydra Facial

Everyone is fond of smooth, shiny, and radiant skin. So to achieve youthful-looking skin, people spend a great portion of their earnings on serums, creams, oils but fail to succeed. Therefore, we brings you a wonderful and trendy procedure known as hydra facial.

Hydra dermabrasion facial is a remarkably hydrating and non-invasive procedure that furnishes you with bright skin in just half an hour.

In this article, we will discuss hydra facial benefits and also hydra facial kit price in Pakistan.

What Is A Hydra Facial?

Hydra facial is a cosmetic procedure to gain clear shiny skin. This technique involves the four main components that lead to glossy skin:

  • cleansing
  • exfoliation
  • extraction
  • hydration

Moreover, the procedure also includes antioxidant protection that eliminates dead skin and impurities. The procedure takes 30 minutes, and the result appears instantly.

Furthermore, the word hydra in hydra facial implies its astonishingly hydrating effect.

At many reputable salons, a hydra facial facility is available for people who wish to have clear skin.

Hydra facial machine is also available for purchase that includes all the necessary components. The hydra machine price in Pakistan is up to Rs. 195000.

The Hydra Machine Consists Of The Following Equipment:

  • Hydrogen oxygen aqua pen
  • Negative conductive wand
  • Natural stone energy beauty bar
  • Eye care wand
  • Cone stick
  • T shaped face massage stick
  • LED Facial Mask

What Are Hydra Machine Components Used For?  

The different parts of the hydra machine are used in different ways to lighten the skin.  

Using vacuum suction, the dead skin, dead cells, and blemishes are removed by micro bubbles. In this way, the skin appears sleek and more hydrated.

Hydra facial machine lightens the skin tone and lessens the facial spots.

Hydro Oxygen Aqua Pen

Aqua pen enhances the skin by improving the skin tone, cleaning it deeply, removing blackheads, and making the skin wrinkle-free.

Applying oxygen to the face using high-pressure injection improves the blood circulation that makes the skin bright and plump. It also renews the skin’s moisture and helps with other skin issues as well.

Cold Hammer

The cold hammer provides you with tender skin by shrinking the pores by stimulating collagen. Collagen is a protein essential for skin elasticity. As we age, our body’s supply of collagen lowers. Therefore, hydra facials promotes the growth of collagen and stretchiness in the skin.

Eye Care Wand

The eye care wand, as the name suggests, enriches the eye area. It helps eliminate eye bags and dark circles.

Cone Stick

Cone stick in conjunction with oils and creams works wonders for a facelift and wrinkle-less skin for a youthful appearance.

LED Face Mask

The LED facial mask is available in 7 colors and operates safely to restore skin pigmentation, reduce wrinkles, trigger skin metabolism, and get rid of blackheads.

Facial Massage Stick

Lastly, the T-shaped facial massage stick tightens the skin. It vibrates and massages the skin to make it slim. It is also known as a facial massager or a facial vibrator. The major vibrations help the skin absorb energy more effectively and aid in skin tightening.

What Are The Benefits Of Hydra Facial?

Hydra facial is the latest skincare technique that has a lot of advantages. Some of these are mentioned below. However, the hydra facial machine price in Pakistan ranges from Rs. 150000- Rs.200000. Moreover, if you receive professional sessions from a reputable salon, the price varies from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 30,000.

  • Works for all skin types. You can benefit from the treatment even if you have sensitive skin.
  • Pleasant and gentle on skin without any irritation or agony.
  • No suspension from your chores, short 30-min treatment with greater results.
  • Instant and efficient outcomes.

 Hydra facial is one of the productive cosmetic procedures used these days. You can have it in high class salons and if you are planning to open a salon then this machine is essential.

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