What flowers say about your relationship

Have you heard the phrase – flowers are the language of love? Indeed they are, and there’s some symbolism behind each bloom. People have often used fresh flower bouquets to express their feelings to their partners. Each flower type, colour and fragrance signify a different emotion, and if you’ve received red roses from your partner, you should know that they’re trying to express love and romance. 

Floriography helps people apologise or impress or express their feelings in a beautiful way which you might find hard to put into words. Often people get their partner’s favourite fresh flowers online, and while this might be considered sweet, what could be unique is giving a fresh flower bouquet based on what you feel. 

If you want to know which flower would help you best express your feelings towards your relationship and your better half, keep reading. 

1. Thoughtful Tulips

The tulip signifies happiness and intense love. They are the perfect gift for someone with whom you share a close bond, whether that bond is romantic or unconditional. Before ordering tulips from a Melbourne florist, you should decide the colour you want to gift your companion. 

Red tulips represent enduring love, and pink tulips show you care and are enthusiastic about your partnership which will be perfect for a new relationship. 

2. Lovely Lilacs

These flowers signify young and blossoming passion, and the light violet ones are ideal for expressing the first emotions of love. If you’ve received these, it implies that your new partner is excited about being with you and adds a sense of enthusiasm and hope to your new-found relationship. You can also pick the intense magenta colour, as they tie more intently with love. 

3. Radiant Red or Pink Roses

You cannot forget roses when it comes to romance and love. Everyone knows red roses stand for everlasting love and passion. Remember not to buy white roses since those signify peace and innocence and are far from love or romance. Pink is also a great option as it represents young love and looks like a sweet delicate colour. These will make your partner feel treasured and admired. 

4. Charming Camellia 

Do you adore your partner even after a decade together? Then, a fresh flower bouquet of camellia will be the best way to thank your better half for being there for you and loving you for so long. In Asia, married couples often give a single camellia to thank each other and honour the decade. 

5. Lucky Lavender

Want to express your commitment to your relationship? A gesture of saying I love you and gifting a fresh flower bouquet of lavender might do it. Lavender represents devotion and appreciation towards another person, and offering a lavender arrangement to your partner will make them feel special and supported. Its fragrance will also bring calmness and a relaxing feeling. 

6. Dazzling Daffodils

Whether you’re taking a new step in your relationship or your partner is making a new career move, daffodils will be ideal for such a moment. The daffodil is symbolic of new beginnings and is a perfect gift to commemorate such changes to strengthen your bond and show support. 

7. Pretty Peonies

From many Melbourne flowers, peonies are often a part of wedding bouquets as they are associated with romance and love. The beauty and bright shades of peonies link to attraction and healing. So, if you recently got married or are celebrating your anniversary, a fresh flower bouquet of peonies could be a great gift. 

8. Outstanding Orchids

Orchids are one of the most romantic flowers, and they stay alive for over 3-6 weeks in water. Every orchid shade expresses a different emotion, like red-orchids show love and romance, while pink ones talk about femininity and grace. 

Gathering details about the symbolism of the flowers and understanding their language can help you comprehend what a fresh flower bouquet says about your relationship. 

There are different ways to gift the floral bouquet, which can make your partner’s day extra special like –  

– Getting fresh flowers in Melbourne delivered to their doorstep early in the morning. This way, your partner wakes up to a beautiful surprise in the morning. 

– Try to cheer up your loved one on a bad day by using the same day delivery flowers in Melbourne service provided by many florists. 

– Florists in Melbourne provide you with the option to create your own fresh flower bouquet of various kinds of blooms. You can mix-match and make a bouquet full of sunflowers, carnations, and orchids and gift it to your partner with a special message card added to it. 

– If you’re in a long-distance relationship, you can order fresh flowers online from any florist in Melbourne, and an unexpected beautiful bouquet will surely make them smile.  

All these tips will help you pick the perfect floral bouquet, but if you’re doubtful, you can connect with any florist in Melbourne, and they’ll help you out. 

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