What Causes The Stains On Sandstone?

It is important that you understand what causes stains on your paving stone. This will help you decide on the right cleaning solutions or sealants to restore the beauty of your sandstone paving stones.

Many people wonder what causes the stains on sandstone pavers Sydney. The stains are most commonly caused by rain and water seeping through the surface of the pavers and into the underlying soil. Over time, this moisture can cause the soil to become saturated and unstable, leading to cracking and spalling. In some cases, an oxidation process will start in the soil, causing it to turn brown or black.

You notice green discoloration of your driveway. This is mainly due to algae and moss growing on natural surfaces. If the surface isn’t cleaned frequently, tiny alga spores can quickly turn into a large colony.

Cleaning Sandstone

Before you start to pick up a random cleaner, take the time to evaluate the severity and spread of the stain. You need to be cautious when selecting cleaning chemicals, as many contain hydrochloric. In the same way, some fungicides which are used to remove moss and algae may cause permanent damage to the surface of the sandstone.

Let’s now look at safe ways to remove stains that may be present on your sandstone patio or driveway.

1. Cleaning Easy

Instead of using any harsh chemicals, you can use soapy water to clean your pavers. Add the liquid soap to a bucket of water. Stir it up. Mix the liquid soap in a bucket of water and pour it over the sandstone. Then scrub it with a toothbrush.

After you are done scrubbing, rinse everything with fresh water. Let it dry overnight. Check to make sure there are no stains. If dirt remains, repeat the procedure.

2. Bleach Is a Great Cleaner

If you are dealing with algae buildup and moss on the paving then a household bleach product might be an option. Use bleach to get rid of moss colonies.

Avoid permanent damage by using a concentrated bleach solution.

First, remove all debris and dirt from the paving. Next, take equal amounts of bleach and water to a bowl. Pour the diluted mixture onto the stained areas of the patio. Let it sit for around 30 min. Finally, use a stiff bristle to remove any sandstone grout or upper surface.

3. Steam Cleaning Sandstone

This is the best method to clean your patio of sandstone. You will be able to restore the beauty of your outdoor space with minimal use of harsh chemicals.

Steam cleaners can produce water vapors that are superheated at temperatures as high as 150°C. This temperature will allow you to slowly destroy lichen colonies. Lichen is formed in the symbiotic association of a fungus with algae within a specific region – usually high humidity.

It is always best to hire professionals for deep cleaning. Let the professionals take care of this critical task.

4. Pressure Washer Cleaning

A power washer is a great option if you want to remove large areas of staining. This high-tech equipment sprays water with high intensity to remove dirt and debris.

To prevent cracks in the Sandstone, make sure you use a pressure washing machine with a wide fan tip. You should never use a pencil jet to break up your whole sandstone patio.

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