What are the Steps for Adopting a Child in Georgia


Adopting a child in Georgia is the best and most mature choice that allows eager parents to expand their families. Adopting an infant in Georgia, like most adoptions, takes time. There are a few steps that must be done. With each checkmark, you can breathe a sigh of relief and perhaps a glimmer of hope for the next phase in your journey to becoming a legal parent. The general criteria for adopting a child in Georgia are explained below. 

Guidelines For Adopting a Child in Georgia 

According to law, several state-specific conditions for adopting a child in Georgia must be satisfied. 

  • Your age must be at least 25 years old 
  • You should be at least ten years older than the child you intend to adopt
  • To get permanent possession of the child, you must be financially, physically, and psychologically capable.

You’ll have to file for adoption as a couple if you’re married. The stepparent’s spouse is not required to sign the petition in a stepparent adoption. You can find here more details on adopting a child in Georgia.

Adoption Procedures in Georgia for Families Adopting a Newborn Baby

Decide on the sort of adoption you want

The first stage in the adoption cycle for potential adoptive parents is to decide what form of adoption they want. As there are various options accessible to you:

  • Adopt a child, whether it’s a baby or a teenager
  • Adopt a baby from another country or from within the United States
  • Open, semi-open, or closed communication with the biological parents are all options
  • Adopt through the foster care system or a private agency in your state.

Companies like Tom Tebeau may assist you if you plan to adopt a child in Georgia. 

Make An Informed Decision When Selecting An Adoption Provider

There are numerous adoption professionals and agencies in Georgia, and it can be difficult to sort through them all. However, adoption is a lifelong commitment; it is critical to locate the right agency for you. While picking an adoption specialist, keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Can the adoption specialist help you with the newborn or kid adoption you’re looking for?
  • Do adoption professionals offer pre-and post-placement counseling and mediation to potential birth parents?
  • Examine the adoption professional’s costs, including the breakdown of service fees, and compare them to those of competing agencies. Be wary of any unexpected charges or expenses.
  • Learn how long the expert expects you to wait and when your adoptive family’s profile is shared with potential birth mothers. 

If adoption is genuinely in your heart and you believe the right child is waiting for you, make sure you hire a reputable agency like Tom Tebeau to guide you through the process and assist you in finding the child. 

Complete Your Home Study And Create A Profile For Your Adoptive Family

When the right conditions are satisfied, the first is to complete a home study; accurately discovering a match for adoptive families and birth mothers goes much smoother. A home study may feel like you’re sacrificing some privacy, but it determines whether or not you can be an adoptive family. It also offers your adoption expert an understanding of your lifestyle so they can locate you as an ideal adoption match.

Waiting And Meeting Potential Birth Mothers Patiently

This stage can take an eternity or go by quickly. Meeting a potential birth mother who has chosen your profile as one of her approved profiles requires a lot of patience, but it’s well worth it when there are babies available for adoption. When you get the call, make sure you’re available to meet with prospective birth mothers and clear your calendar because your new baby may be on the way.

Post Placement

The procedure of adopting a child in Georgia is completed here, and it’s time to enjoy life after placement. Keep the post-placement agreement in mind as you raise your child, and keep your half of the bargain. As your relationship with the birth mother develops, remain open and conversational with her, and set expectations and boundaries. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What steps must you take to adopt a kid in Georgia?

  • You must be at least 25 years old or married with children
  • You must be ten years older than the child you wish to adopt
  • You must be financially, physically, and psychologically capable of permanently acquiring custody of the child
  • If you are married, you should adopt jointly with your spouse

How old do you have to be to foster a child in Georgia?

You must be at least 25 years old if you are a single person considering fostering. You must be ten years older than the youngsters you are fostering in either circumstance.

What is the fastest way to adopt a baby?

  • Adoption counseling to help you make a decision
  • You must be financially prepared to adopt a child
  • Begin by screening adoption agencies
  • Complete the home study process as soon as possible
  • Create a profile for adoptive parents
  • Communicate in a positive and responsive manner
  • Keep an open mind and consider all of your child’s options

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