What are the most attractive features of Blue World City Sports Valley?

Blue World City Sports Valley


Property investment is a significant decision, and many factors must be supposed before beginning work on such a venture. Buyers are frequently worried about whether their money invested will generate revenues or go to waste, which is essential to determining the vital attributes again for proper decision. Undoubtedly, the most quickly rising real estate organisation is the Blue World City on Islamabad Chakri Road. The functionalities and amenities of Blue world city Islamabad set it apart from the rest of the globe. 

The Sports Valley will be the most opulent and enchanting section of society. Truly massive identities from around the World, such as a most considerable cricket ground, the magnificent Villagio Mall. In addition, there is a  remarkable replica of Qatar’s Torch Tower, which would’ve been replicated in the Sports Valley, just as the representation of Burj Al Arab Dubai has remained profitably increased in society. The Sports Valley notion boosts tourism and provides good health for those who want healthier lives outside their door. Inhabitants of the community will have a great time in the Sports Valley, including everything from sporting venues to industrial and residential plots.

Furthermore, society offers its residents the best opportunities to live a world-class lifestyle with all the good options we’ve never seen before. So it’s a different beginning for the Pakistani citizens who live nearby and Obrad to enjoy accommodations while living inside a mix of legacy and global architectural style.

Features of BWC Sports Valley

Due to the amenities in Sports Valley at BWC, this area of society will be of the highest level. The administration has incorporated all of the newest amenities to develop the ideal real estate combination with a calming and unwinding feel. Every magnificent comfort and facility will be the pinnacle of splendour, from the latest stadium in Pakistan to eateries with sports themes.  Every building in BWC offers modern living standards. 

Largest cricket field

In the sports valley block, the authorities of Blue City are attempting to build a sports arena. For 55,000 spectators, this venue will be the Country’s largest cricket stadium. A cutting-edge cricket stadium is being built in this fantastic city to benefit sports enthusiasts. However, the purpose to built this stadium is much more than just watching cricket and having fun. It will be accessible for all management-related operations.

Torch Hotel

The excellent building of the blue global city sports complex will astound the entire World. They hope to keep their word this time and return with an original idea. The Torch Hotel, which takes its name from the Torch Hotel in Doha, will be built in the Blue City. The hotel offers some of Pakistan’s most well-known dining establishments and residences. With its sophisticated good looks, it will develop into an arresting sight.

Villaggio Mall

The impressive building of the vivacious Villaggio Mall is in Blue World City Sports Valley. This block coincides with Doha’s great mall. The sports blocks offer the finest property that you won’t find a buying experience like this in the mall in Villaggio anywhere else in Pakistan.

Business Hubs

BWC will complete the business districts’ building in the sports valley and provide top-notch facilities. This magnificent skyscraper will have activity centres, Joyland, business hubs, and many more concert venues.

Hockey court

How is the Pakistan National Game being forgotten by the BWC? The government has imported a top-notch hockey field to accommodate hockey players in response to the cricket enthusiasts of Pakistan. The site’s quality is so excellent that our Country can host international competitions there. The other BGC companies are offering the same features and services and affect investors in the same ways. Lahore’s smart city, also known as the Blue Town, is a stunning example of the city’s property investment.

In BWC, the development is currently moving forward quickly. So take gain of the excellent chance to participate in this mighty blue endeavour.

Sports Valley Amenities

The Sports Valley Block offers cutting-edge elements and convenience. The gaming valley in Blue World City goes above and beyond your expectations, and BWC is known for maintaining a constant flow of attractions.

The sports valley provides first-rate, plentiful, and contemporary amenities with excellent design. These characteristics are:

  • 24/7 Monitoring Cameras
  • Health Care And Medical Services
  • Educators’ Fields
  • 24/7 Electricity And Gas
  • Repair And Maintenance
  • Parks And Recreational Areas
  • Hiking Routes
  • Sports Center
  • Septic System
  • Graveyard
  • Parking Area
  • Restaurants

Why Invest in the BWC Sports Valley?

The BWC Sports Valley Block is a worthwhile investment for several reasons. First, the fantastic deal includes a range of land sizes with an affordable blue world city payment plan. With an easy 4-year blue world city payment plan, the starting down payment is 7.5%, making it a desirable alternative for buyers and investors. Some of the best factors for investing in any housing society include dependable owners, an ideal location, accessibility, builders and on-the-ground construction, first-rate amenities, and an allure with a higher return. For more info about Blue world city location contact us on this link.


The developer of this expansive project, Blue World City Islamabad, has returned with a fantastic Sports Valley. The General and Overseas block is precisely next to this one. On the opposite end is the waterfront neighbourhood. The design process is successfully advancing quickly. 8921 Kanal of open space is devoted to the sports valley. The immaculate facilities and charming sporting venues are the best aspects of society, with the fantastic offer for the proprietors and buyers.

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