What are the different types of homecoming dresses?

The dress you wear to your school’s homecoming dance is an important decision. You want to look nice, but comfortable enough to dance all night, and it needs to flatter your body type. With styles ranging from casual, formal and chic options – as well as a number of color options – it can be difficult to choose the perfect dress.

To help make your decision easier, here are some different types of homecoming dresses to consider for this special occasion.

Casual Homecoming Dresses

A casual homecoming dress is an ideal option for this type of school dance, because you want to feel comfortable and look great at the same time. These dresses typically have a more casual cut and are often made from thinner fabrics that will allow your skin to breathe during warm fall evenings.

If you want to make a statement, but don’t want to go with a ball gown, consider adding some edge by wearing a pair of knee-high boots or leather pants. If you prefer a more feminine look, add a cute cardigan sweater to your dress for a warm and comfy outfit that will have everyone complimenting your style.

Formal Homecoming Dresses

If your school’s homecoming dance is a formal event, in which the theme is an alternate universe in outer space – or something along those lines – you will want to wear a formal homecoming dress. These dresses are more conservative and typically have a higher neckline, which makes them ideal for this type of event.

However, if your school’s homecoming dance is a more traditional dance, in which the students go all out with costumes and extravagant themes , then you have the option of using your imagination with a formal homecoming dress. For example, if everyone is supposed to wear superhero outfits, you might consider wearing a formal evening gown – complete with cape!

If you want to go with this type of look but aren’t looking for fancy attire, consider wearing an elegant blouse underneath a short black skirt. Black is always in style and you can even accessorize with a tiara or bejeweled headband to make your look more fun.

Chic Homecoming Dresses

For the chic homecoming dress, think about wearing something form-fitting that highlights your feminine features. These dresses are great for showcasing your body shape, whether you are curvier or more slender. For curvy women , try wearing your dress with a pair of chandelier earrings for added elegance.

For an outfit that is more conservative, consider wearing a high-neck black dress with a colorful belt to make it look unique. This is also a great option for petite women, because these dresses can make you look taller and show off your curves.


No matter what type of homecoming dress you choose, remember to opt for fabrics that will breathe and flatter your body type. If you are looking for more advice on what types of dresses to wear at formal dances , consider visiting a local bridal shop or fashion store to look at their selection.

After you choose your dress, don’t forget to accessorize and add your own personal style with a pair of shoes and jewelry . With so many different types of dresses, there is no reason why you shouldn’t find something that looks great on you! 

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