What are the advantages and disadvantages of silicone breastplates?

While breast pumping can indeed enlarge your boobs, it is a time consuming and somewhat uncomfortable process. I was able to add a couple of inches, but I became impatient, so lately I have taken a shine to Silicone Breast plates (SBPs) as a better alternative to bra pads. They cover the entire chest area unlike bra pads.

advantages :

  1. The skin feels great when wearing them.
  2. Especially with silicone filler, they move beautifully.
  3. Bras aren’t necessary
  4. The feel is realistic
  5. The cup size can be pretty much anything, including G and well beyond.


  1. For the best ones, they can be a lot more expensive than bra pads, and they are usually more expensive than bra pads in general.
  • I personally find most brands to be a pain in the ass to apply. The reason being that the silicon tends to curl and kind of lightly stick to the skin. Here is how you can alleviate this.
  • If you go over a C-cup, you should definitely check the type of filler, cotton or liquid silicone because weight does matter. You may not think that 10 lbs of filler is a lot, but imagine wearing it for hours. It is best to use cotton if you want a big boob, liquid silicone filler can be very heavy. Make sure you check the weight before purchasing!
  • Some brands have high necks, which can be uncomfortable.
  • Unless you are lucky, there isn’t going to be a perfect match for your skin color. however, you might be able to get close to it.

If you are going to get a breastplate, I really advise against hollow ones with no filler. These are really old school and frankly tend to be terrible.

You can put on the majority of brands like a turtleneck shirt, but this can make it a pain since the silicone tends to curl and stick to your skin when you wrestle it onto your chest. If you stretch too much, you may puncture thin areas (usually around the bottom of your breastplate). Manufacturers suggest this fix: use talcum powder on your body and/or on the inside of your breastplate to fix the puncture.

There is another option for you . . . it’s down below. Talcum powder (baby powder) works and the SBP will slide on more easily.

Just trim off the high neck if it bothers you. Just be careful and do a little at first until you get the hang of it.

It’s hard for me to give you advice on color. You could smear foundation on your bp, but it’s likely to come off when you wash it.

Radical repairs and modifications

Now a serious warning. Cutting a SBP can seriously damage your product. If in doubt, don’t do it. I’m not responsible for any damage to your product. And the manufacturer won’t either.

It is my responsibility to tell you only what I have personally done, so if you have any questions, please do not cut, glue, or modify anything.

It sounds nice to have a full back, and it is, once you wrestle it down, but straps are much easier to put on.

You’ll find the right neck height for you after trimming excess neck areas. Just go slow at first.

You can also do a far more radical modification by removing parts of the full back and creating your own straps. These straps are basically like the straps on a back bra, but they use Velcro to attach, rather than hooks and eyes.

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