What are some website design solutions for attorneys?

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If you are a lawyer or an attorney, or a marketing specialist working for a law firm, you are surely interested in learning what are the best website design solutions for attorneys.

Website design makes or breaks the digital side of any and every business, and so is the case with law practice. If you want to increase the number of clients and build a reputable organization, there’s no doubt you will need the best website design solutions.

We are joined by Aleph Website Web Design Agency in New York, who have been working with lawyers from all around the US. They have over 10 years of experience working with lawyers, nonprofit and government organizations. They will help us clarify what are the best solutions for website design for attorneys!

Here are the best solutions by Aleph Website:

Website builders

There are many website builders you can use to build a nicely looking website with an average web design. Some of the most renowned are:

  1. WordPress
  2. Wix
  3. Squarespace
  4. Shopify, etc.

These website builders offer you the ability to rent a website on their platform and run it for the price of $30-$200 monthly. This of course excludes taxes, costs of email addresses, cost of web maintenance, hiring the actual designer to get the job done.

So you see while it is a popular solution, it is incomplete and insufficient. That is, if your goal is to build a reputable law firm with a strong online presence, website builders are not for you

Hire a professional web design agency to get the job done

A much better solution is to hire a professional web design and development agency.

Here are some basic benefits you get from hiring a team of professionals trained to produce great law firm websites:

  • In-house database systems for housing all your clients information safely
  • Contract, signatures, documents and other sensitive files stored in safe environment
  • Building programs and website functionalities to meet all your specific demands (for example if you have multiple locations – you will need a special function, etc.)
  • Handing over all the responsibilities of web maintenance to website experts
  • Web design rendered by talented designers who represent your brand beautifully and accurately and neatly

As you can see, there are many benefits. It is much better to hire a company if you are an attorney looking for website design solutions. 

As for pricing, here is a benchmark of market prices:

PAPERSTREET WEB DESIGN = minimum $15,000

ZOLA CREATIVE = minimum $10,000

ALEPH WEBSITE = 3 packages (first is: $600, second is: $1,600, and third is: $3,700).

Finally, we would like to conclude by offering you the chance to learn more about your options and solutions for building a new law firm website with great design!

Here’s a quick link that leads you to a web page with everything you need to know about website design solutions for attorneys:

Best Solutions for Lawyer and Attorney Website Design

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