What a Halfway House May Be Hiding – Why You Need To Check for These before Moving In

Found a halfway house near your home in Maine? That’s important if you want to accelerate your recovery and start off afresh.

Halfway houses are like temporary shelters for recovering addicts. They are meant to help them transition back slowly to a normal life. 

But, what if they don’t live up to their promises? What if the atmosphere inside the house is worse than outside? Can you be sure you will be safe inside a halfway house?

These are valid concerns if you want a good halfway house in Maine. Stories of drugs and alcohol being readily available inside the house aren’t unheard of. And these temptations can be enough for you to start abusing them again.

How to find a good halfway house in Maine that will facilitate your recovery process:

The whole purpose of looking for a halfway home is to stay away from drugs and alcohol. But, you will find facilities which are strongly lacking in many respects. Here’s what you should beware of:

  • A halfway house that claims to offer you free accommodation, or even offers to pay for it, should be avoided at all costs. Do you know what actually happens here? The owners take your personal details and start submitting fake insurance claims. You may even be paid by some amount to get hold of new inmates!
  • The pictures on the website are not proof that a facility is indeed livable. Visit the facility and you may be in for a rude shock! Halfway houses that are dilapidated, rundown, or ill-kempt should be avoided. The best way to be sure is to go through testimonials posted by past residents on third-party sites.
  • Have you come across a halfway house which doesn’t have past records? Does it not have admission requirements for residents? If not, keep away from it. Any such facility should insist on the resident being drug or alcohol-free before stepping into the home.
  • Do you residents flouting the rules of a halfway house and not being punished for it? This can be horrifying and worrisome because it clearly means the staff has no rules and protocols in place. You don’t want to be in a home where there aren’t any curfews, rules, or restrictions.
  • Have you checked if the house arranges for weekly drug screenings? If not, how can you be sure that everyone living here is actually sober? If you can’t be confident of abstinence inside a halfway house, there’s no reason to stay there.
  • Are living conditions safe here? This is perhaps the most important thing to look for when you are searching for a “halfway house near me”. If you have doubts, make sure to look elsewhere. While a halfway home cannot offer you round-the-clock supervision, it has to make you feel secure and comfortable.
  • Have you checked the qualifications and credentials of the staff working here? If you find them to be uncertified and lacking training, maybe you should search for another facility. Stories of staff focusing on making money and exploiting recovering addicts are common.

A halfway home is your key to a new and better life after addiction. You don’t want your tough days at the rehab to go to waste by checking into a sub-par halfway house.

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