West Paw: Superstar of sustainable dog toys


Whether Terrier, Labrador, Golden Retriever, or Shepherd – dogs of various breeds love to spend time with their humans and play extensively. The dog is considered man’s best friend and should be treated the same way. Therefore, it is important to take into account individual needs when choosing toys.chihuahuas so shaky especially for game-crazy dogs who can’t get enough of their favorite toys, West Paw dog toys have developed almost indestructible products.

The American company loves not only the dog but also the planet! West Paw’s dog toys are 100% recycled, making them not only dog-friendly but also environmentally friendly and sustainable. You can find out how the ecological toys are made and what makes them true superstars among dog toys here.

What’s behind West Paw?

West Paw is a company from Montana in the USA and has set itself the task of becoming the dog’s best friend. That’s why West Paw develops a wide variety of dog toys to meet the individual needs of different breeds and characters. Particular emphasis is placed on the quality and longevity of the toys because the infinite fun with the toy is in the foreground for the company. The toys, which are almost indestructible, are produced in our own factory so that the quality can always be ensured. With the sustainable products, However, West Paw not only does something good for the dogs but is also actively committed to the environment and sustainable production.

For an ecological paw print

The topic of sustainability is a top priority for West Paw products! True to the motto “protect the places where you want to play with your dog”, the company has made it its goal to protect nature and the environment in order to be able to enjoy a nice time with the four-legged friend in nature in the long term. The sustainable toys are therefore all made of the specially developed Zogoflex material, which consists of 100% recycled plastic and is free of harmful substances. There you get directly in the mood for the dog toy Hurley or ball training with the Air Boz from West Paw!

Join the Loop: the sustainable cycle

But that’s not all: With the “Join the Loop” offer, West Paw offers its customers the opportunity to return old toys instead of disposing of them in the garbage can. The more dog owners join the cycle, the greener West Paw becomes and the less waste there is! If the dog’s favorite toy has suffered from the four-legged friend’s teeth after years of use, the Zogoflex toy can easily be returned to West Paw. This makes a major contribution against environmental pollution and avoids waste. All returned toys are disinfected, crushed and processed into new toys – the old material is completely recycled to produce new, sustainable quality toys!

Zogoflex: The advantages speak for themselves

For fast sprinters, retrieval world champions, strong chewers or little mouths, West Paw offers a wide selection of suitable toys. The dog toys have one thing in common – they are all made of the company’s own Zogoflex material. The Zogoflex-Air and Zogoflex-Echo product ranges make the selection perfect. However, the special material is not only great for the environment but also brings advantages for a lot of fun and action. The toys are all buoyant and are therefore suitable for water and land. The popular toys are interactive and perfect for playing together with the biped and occupying the dog. The robust toys are also considered almost unbreakable and indestructible. For dogs with particularly strong fangs or aggressive chewers, there is also the category “tough chewers” with bite-resistant dog toys, so that dogs and humans enjoy the products for a long time. It is also particularly practical that the dog toys are all dishwasher safe.

Sea the Change: Sustainable water toys

The toys of the new Seaflex series are particularly suitable for four-legged water rats. Under the motto “Sea the Change”, West Paw produces sustainable and environmentally . The rat terrier puppy training toys of the series are all buoyant and are therefore ideal for trips to the lake or the sea. Of course, the toys for small and large dogs are also a lot of fun in the home garden. With the Seaflex series, West Paw has set itself the task of processing recycled plastic into exciting dog toys so that it does not end up as waste in the world’s oceans. The toys are made of 12.5% recycled ocean-bound plastic and 87.5% Zogoflex material. With the various and particularly bite-resistant water toys, there is certainly the right favorite toy for every dog!

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