Ways to Deal with Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain may occur from the overuse of the shoulder joint, trauma, or health issues such as arthritis. The shoulder supports the arms and holds the weight when lifting objects. Additionally, it anchors the neck, head, and spinal cord and is an important upper-body joint. Therefore, Westfield shoulder pain could be disabling, especially if a frozen shoulder accompanies it. The shoulder joint and blade dislocation will affect the spine, legs, and head. Thus, you should learn the home remedies for shoulder pain and seek medical attention for severe shoulder issues. Here are ways to deal with shoulder pain.

Heat Therapy

Heat therapy works for pain in the shoulders and other joints. A cold pack numbs the shoulder pain by reducing inflammation and swelling. You can use the cold pack soon after an injury to reduce inflammation, redness, and pain. On the other hand, the hot pack increases blood supply to the injured area, thus removing toxins and leading to healing. Additionally, it supplies oxygen and energy to the shoulder leading to the rejuvenation of the tissues on the shoulder.


The first approach to a painful shoulder is rest, which rejuvenates tissues, promoting healing. Therefore you should rest soon after a mild shoulder injury and avoid lifting heavy objects that exert pressure on the shoulder. However, excessive resting might lead to a reduced range of motion on the shoulder. Thus, you should begin to move the arms after the pain subside and increase the exercises over time. The physical exercises increase the range of motion on the shoulder leading to the rejuvenation of the ligaments, connective tissues, and bones on the shoulder.


Over-the-counter medications might temporarily solve shoulder pain as they deal with the pain and reduce discomfort. However, you should seek proper medications for shoulder pain from an orthopedic doctor. They may recommend opioids that reduce acute and chronic pain after an injury or arthritis. But you should be careful with opioids as they are addictive.

Acupuncture and Epidural Injection

Conservative treatments like acupuncture work on the pain by blocking pain reception. A doctor uses thin needles to prick nerve endings leading to pain relief in the shoulder. On the other hand, an epidural injection is corticosteroids injected into the shoulder to relieve pain. They block pain leading to an increased range of motion and healing on the joint.


Surgery for chronic shoulder pain deals with a frozen shoulder which occurs after a traumatic injury. A frozen shoulder may occur if there is dislocation of the shoulder joint, tear, and wear of the ligaments and connective tissues on the shoulder. Surgery may replace the connective tissues, ligaments, and tissues on the joint, forming new gliding surfaces made of plastics, metal alloys, and porcelain clay.

Shoulder pain affects the adjacent organs like the neck and the spine, reducing your movements and ability to engage in daily activities. Thus, you should see shoulder pain treatments and an orthopedic doctor for a proper diagnosis. First, home remedies such as heat therapy will numb the area reducing pain and increasing blood supply to the area leading to healing. Secondly, conservational treatments like epidural injections and acupuncture block pain transmission and alleviate chronic pain. Treatments such as medications reduce the pain and improve the range of motion of the joints. Finally, surgery replaces worn tendons, muscles, and ligaments on the shoulder joint, leading to new gliding surfaces.

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